5 Powerful reasons why any girl should delete your Instagram in the middle of a fight

5 Powerful reasons why any girl should delete your Instagram in the middle of a fight

We’ve all fought once in our life. I hate fighting with my soul, for he never achieved anything and both sides end up angrier than ever. Sometimes it can be a nonsense, for example with a fight with your boyfriend because this gave me like a stranger girl and all you want to delete your Instagram . But you have to think things wisely, because once deleted your account nothing will come back, you know, right? If you do not convince, read these five powerful reasons why you should not delete your Instagram in half a Fight.

1. No one will notice.

Sad, but true. If you are deleting your account because you think someone will notice and feel sorry for you, the truth is that probably no one else will . I deleted my Instagram three times and no one has noticed, because they tell me everything you have labeled me. Social networks can be very selfish, because people only care about their own and their own images.

Sure, sometimes your friends ask you with angry faces that happens to you, but nobody cares that your account is gone. Unless of course you’re someone famous like Justin Bieber.

2. You’re erasing things that made you happy.

When you came out with your friends, your picnic or your day at the beach, all this will go away for a fight. Remove your Instagram is like getting rid of your photo album. No’ll be able to relive the memories you they made happy because, let ‘s face it : people do not publish things that made themunhappy.

3. There is a high probability that you do not get all your followers again.

If you ever decide to come back to try a new account, gonna miss of greatly your followers and this is because people do not think it is a new account, they think it ‘s you and say “I am following this person, you do not have to follow again”.

Still others may feel offended that you “left to follow the” first and do not want to return to follow. It has happened, note that: not all your followers are so faithful.

4. No turning back.

Instagram offers two options: remove or temporarily disable your account. If you choose to remove your account, it’s gone forever, along with your username. Instagram can not help you reactivate your account if you deleted, it is as if he will murder, there is no way back. And sorry.

5. And most importantly, ask yourself if it’s worth the fight eliminate it.

“Why deleted your account Instagram?” “Because he gave me like a woman and … I know it sounds silly, but it was more serious than that , ” no, yes it was stupid . Think about what you’re doing and not get carried away by anger or sadness and less for something. If you really affects you are completely free to do so, moreover, a new Instagram is like going to a new school, new friends and new memories. The difference is you can not recover what was lost, but remains in your hands the decision.

Do you still think it’s cash delete your Instagram to escape problems?