5 Myths About S E X

We believe that we are not conditioned on sex, but there are still several myths about sex that persist in our minds unconsciously.

This affects our relationships , how we perceive the person with whom we have a relationship to the reality of couples and so on .

What can we do? The first is to recognize and identify each one of the myths about sex that exist for then to get rid of them.

You will be amazed at the large number of beliefs that still consider real.

1. Men are more unfaithful


In truth men are more unfaithful? We believe that the male has an excessively high libido, which favors that are more likely to be unfaithful.

However, this is false. Although we believe that our nature is monogamous, the truth is that it is not . Although just decide to be a couple, you may wish to have relationships with others.

This reality has led to open relationships with many more freedoms that allow unleash our natural instincts.

Are there differences in men and women? The truth is, no. All this depends on how we see relationships , the very concept we have of infidelity and what we consider to be right or not.

2. Porn is made for men

How many times have you asked a woman if watching porn and this has answered no. Like when asked about the act of masturbation.

This myth arose because men have no problem, sometimes, to confirm that enjoy porn. Instead, women keep this a secret.

Porn is made for both men and women. Both can enjoy a pornographic film.

In addition, today, there many varieties to choose from so you can view porn movie most excite you. Some even have a story to show the situation is not so cold and unreal.

3. aphrodisiacs stimulate your sexual desire


Science has not found any evidence that any foods or drinks can stimulate sexual desire.

Chocolate, strawberries … All of this has always been regarded as aphrodisiacs that help us to increase passion, libido, the desire for sex.

The reality is that this is not, is just a placebo effect . We believe that this increase, so by taking them cause the desired effect.

But this does not succeed the food, but our own mind.

4. Men seeking sex, women love

There are also women who are seeking single men seeking sex and love alone .The needs are different for each individual. It is therefore not advisable to generalize in this case.

It has always been believed that men seeking sex for the previous myth of being more prone to infidelity.

Both men and women have the same needs to keep casual sex, to find love, only to have a relationship based on sex, and so on.

It all depends on personal circumstances , experience and what is sought, without being influenced by the genre to which it belongs.

5. Big hands, largest member


You have always been heard to say “if you want to know if you have big, look at your hands “ . This myth is still in force today in day.

A man has big hands does not mean that the member also is. Moreover, it can bring you a surprise.

The penis is like women’s breasts. No matter what our constitution, the size of our hands or our weight .

The size has no relation with this, so do not trust!

Have you fallen in some of these myths about sex? We’ve all found believing them to be true, but now that you recognize it’s time to remove them from our mind!

Myths about sex are just that and are unaware of the damage they can do to affect relations and our way of seeing others.

If you know any myth more you can share with us. So we will not be guided by beliefs that actually are not true.