5 mistakes that we make in the education of our children

5 mistakes that we make in the education of our children

We all want to be the fathers and mothers perfect . The idea of bringing a child into the world comes great responsibility, and it is usual that sometimes we obsess on being a “supermom” reading endless manuals and pointing our children to numerous extracurricular activities with the idea that they are the best, the smartest, the most successful.

But we must be clear that the  children  never going to ask you to be the best mother in the world. What every creature really needs is you’re with him, you do happy and help him to grow up safely to make their own decisions and choose their own path. It is only to care, without overprotective, and educate from emotions.

That said, it is also important to bear in mind those errors that sometimes wemake in the education of our children. They are dimensions that we can overlook and where sometimes we do not fall, for lack of time or ignorance. Discover them with us!

1. Do not listen to your child

Father son

We know. Children spend their days asking questions, telling us things and making imaginative comments that sometimes we do not fully understand. Be patient andlisten to every word that your son tells you like the most important thing in the world because, really, it is.

If not you attend, if every moment you tell him you’re busy and have no time, there will come a day when the child no longer come to you to tell you things and prefers to lock himself in his room with the computer . It’s a danger.

2. sanction him everything he does wrong


Children need to know where are limits , need to understand what is right and what is wrong so we can act with confidence knowing what is expected of them at all times. Now, to grow and mature is necessary to make mistakes and it is common that children have faults, who misbehave occasionally and have inappropriate reactions.

It is essential that the education of our children learn that, after a penalty, must be provided a lesson. That is, if he does something wrong, teach him to do well. If you fail a subject, ask what happened; if you hit a child at school, explain that these actions are not well, but ask also what has led him to act that way.

Education is not to punish, but to create learning bridges. So, do not forget to reinforce everything he does well and guide you every one of his mistakes.

3. Do things for them


You may cost much knotting the shoes or solve these math problems. Nothing happens, give it time. Do not worry if your siblings or other children finish their tasks before him. You must understand that every child is unique and we must respect their particularities.

If we solve their things to make life easier, we will be committing an unforgivable mistake. Overprotection is a way of educating immature and insecure children, so give them time, give them responsibilities every day to learn that life is hard work and dedication . When they get things for themselves, they will feel more proud.

4. Will your child be as you want


Your son is somewhat introverted? Do you like things you do not understand? Is it more independent of what you would like? Respect his personality and support him in everything he does . Each child has its own character and that is something we must understand from the outset. Hence , it is good to always have their own ideas, those that support, those who, no doubt, will help to better guide the world to be happy .

Education is not about creating equal children, minds and you think like people to behave the same way. Orienta your child to find their own way and to be a mature person according to his way of being, according to his personality.

5. Compare it with other children


The compare our children with other children at school or with their own brothers  it is a mistake that we must never commit. There are parents who fall into neglect before them say phrases like ” my child is not as smart as yours, what are you going to do. To see when mature “,” My eldest son is shyer than the small, so has no friends. The other, however, is doing well at all and does not give me any problems. “

We need to care much our words, as children realize many more details than we thought , which, in the long term, can become genuine trauma for them. The comparison with other transmits them a sense of inferiority and a possible low self -esteem that can significantly harm their emotional maturity.

Never do, never compare. Make each of your children is unique and special in their particularities. Love them equally and fosters maturity, responsibility and autonomy, to educate people happy. The education of our children is important, so do not fall into these errors.