5 methods: Dog love these tricks

No matter how bad was your day because you know that when you get home things will improve, and your faithful, furry and four-legged friend is waiting to share the best of your time together.

Why we bring these five tricks you need to start teaching your dog because it will help them strengthen their ties of friendship, plus they spend hours of fun and pleasant moments.

1. Choca those 5!

by hitting dog

Teaching your dog to greet a wonderful place to welcome family and friends trick, but it would be more fun if you do it with creativity.

To get started, send your dog to sit and gratif√≠calo with your favorite candy; position yourself in front of him, leaving a small distance between them. Show your child the action to perform with the phrase: “High five!” As you lift your leg and crash into your hand. Do not forget to pamper you with affection for having achieved.

2. Let’s dance together

dog dancing

Dancing is one of the activities that fill us with great joy, now imagine yourself do it, in the company of your pet!

Ask your dog to sit and, like the previous trick, reward him for having done so; position yourself in front of him and, although I heard a little weird, invite him to dance. Accepted the proposal, take your legs and slowly raise it until it achieves equilibrium. Keep telling who will dance until you can do it yourself.

3. Time to play

dog playing

For many dogs this trick is quite natural, since all, or nearly all, are fans of the balls.

This time we will play football, so choose a ball that is slightly larger than your dog’s snout. Take it to an open space, whether the garden of your house or a park. Leave the ball in front of your nose so that, by smell, become familiar with it. Push it slightly toward him and, whenever the return, offer a snack.

4. Say your prayers

dog praying

Teaching your dog to pray is a trick that will get so adorable love fill your heart.

Instruct them sit facing the edge of your bed and help him to put his front paws on it. Sit next to him in the same position and begins sentences. I assure you that he will remain quiet until you’re done.

5. A kiss to end the day

dog kissing

All dogs lick your face without had they been asked. But teach them to give a gentle kiss, no saliva, it is a real challenge.

As soon as your dog makes contact, turn away and give the prize before he has the chance to lick; if you’re fast, eventually you learn that all you have to do to get a reward is lightly press your nose with your cheek. Undoubtedly, these five original tricks will help you pamper, educate and love plaguing your faithful friend.