5 easy steps you can follow to teach your puppy to find objects

5 easy steps you can follow to teach your puppy to find objects

Dogs are very intelligent animals and it is important to developing their skills. Many people believe that teaching tricks to a puppy is a bad idea as being somewhat “operator” for the animal, however, experts recommend that the masters perform various activities with their pets to increase confidence between them and increase motor skills and mental them. Tricks as simple as giving the leg, take the “play dead” get the ball and bring the paper are essential for a puppy develops.

If you want your puppy to learn to get the newspaper, these are some steps:

1.Comienza launching a newspaper in gameplay and your puppy back. Every time I bring you should give a reward.

2. Now throw the paper to the exact place where you want to pick it up several times and do not forget the reward.

3. Use a special word for the “newspaper”. Use it whenever you throw but not to pick it up.

4. Place the paper in the garden so that he can find and gradually increase the difficulty. Be patient as it could take to learn.

5. Now, begin to repeat the word every time you collect the newspaper (and better will associate the word with the object).

6. After several opportunities you have managed to find the newspaper, you can send it to really look for it.

See how the technique works

This tip is the same with all the other items that you would like to teach your puppy look.