4 undeniable and revealing ways in which the phases of the moon affect your life on a day to day

4 undeniable and revealing ways in which the phases of the moon affect your life on a day to day

It makes some days we tell you about an important astronomical phenomenon would live where the moon would be fuller and bigger than ever, generating a high energy impact on our lives. For some reason, the astronomical usually connected quite directly with astrological, independent whether we believe or not these hidden energies. The truth is that although it seems pure superstition, the stars seem to have some influence on our moods and our energy level, or at least that’s what they saysome .

Have you noticed that the full moon coincides with periods when you feel a little confused or indecisive? Or that the new moon phase seems to coincide with that time of the month in which we have strong will to leave behind toxic habits? believe it or not, the moon and its phases may have much to do with what is happening to us and how we react. Of course there are some that are more or less sensitive to these influences, but it never hurts to know.

1. New Moon

Macarena Salinas / UPSOCL

During this period the moon is hidden in heaven and represents a moment of purification and detoxification. It’s the perfect time of the month to consider new goals , leave behind those things you no longer want or even forget about harmful habits like smoking. As good start cycle, the new moon makes us feel happy, relaxed, calm and full of optimism. It is not uncommon to feel you can conquer the world if you want well these days.

2. Quarter

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At this time we can only see part of the moon. It begins to appear in the sky slowly growing confidence. In general reflects a period of growth for us, it’s time of the month in which the projects flourish and feel more energetic to propose doing a lot of things and actually carry them out. the energy of these days a month should be well used, hopefully making significant changes and taking necessary decisions that we postponed.

3. Full Moon

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No wonder the “crazy” tell them lunatics and the full moon has something to mad a little. In this period the moon is at its best and its influence is undeniable. It is possible that notes that are a little more sensitive in this period, which suffer from changes very abrupt mood and you find yourself a little more thoughtful and melancholy than usual. what NOT to do in this period: take everything to heart, making important decisions or make drastic changes.

4. Waning crescent

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The last quarter represents the “death” of the moon or the time it reaches its end only to be reborn in the new cycle. This is a good time to reflect how we have fared during the month, see if we happy with our life and generally propose new goals. The waning power impels us to be thoughtful and serious look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves and with things we want or do not want for our lives.

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