4 benefits of water with lemon did not know and make you addicted

4 benefits of water with lemon did not know and make you addicted

When the early alarm sounds and you can not even open one eye, is when you need something you pick up or you wake up the eternal sleep. Some prefer coffee other tea, both have some caffeine to get you out of bed . But as we know, caffeine is not good for our body so you should always get a drink that is healthy. In this case, I present the answer to your problem: water with lemon . It has many benefits as you can imagine and something fresh you can drink when you feel discouraged.

Just see these pros of this liquid and understand how important it is to change the habit to this drink.

1. Helps digestion

With these commercial yogurt invading telling us we have to take them to the toilet and improve our digestion, well, I say that’s not the answer. The lemon water is much easier to do and helps you in this field . Improve your ability to absorb nutrients and they pass through your intestine. Let’s buy lemons!

2. Detoxify

A hot water with a slice of lemon every morning helps to wake your liver and release of toxins.More than these habits or routines detox, this drink will give you more benefits in that area and not have to spend millions on liars products . Come on , believe lemon.

3. Low weight

Yes, it is true. It helps you get down in weight because it has pectin, which is proven that lets you lose those extra kilos easily. So you know, get that cup of your cabinet and put water with lemon.

4. Let your stomach rest

When we go to sleep or when we woke up with a very full stomach, we feel disqualified, as if pes√°ramos thousands of kilos and we could not do anything. The lemon helps lower the food and reduces acidity which can cause it.

If you change the coffee by water with lemon you will not regret, believe me.