As the years and we are growing, maturing and experiencing life, every day is becoming a challenge that is showing us that the main objective and goal is “quite simply” in … be happy.

It sounds easy, but this is much harder than we might believe and that throughout this process of growing, we realizing that often society is against what we really want for our lives and that is when we overcome obstacles to reach the goal.

I putting myself a little to analyze this and from experience, I concluded that 26 years is the most difficult stage for a woman (or at least in my case and was) and I’ll give some reasons.

No excuse, you must leave the nest and live alone (for your sake and that of your parents)

Suppose your parents although not mess pressure to leave the house, your mental well and for them, it is best to stop sharing the house with them. If you have 26 years and still live there is common for fights and differences with them are increasingly constant, that is because exactly you need to do things your way and it is right at this age you already have a personality very well defined and you know what you want. But all is not easy, to take this step you need many things not possibly have (money, stability, security).

Borrow money from your grandparents and parents is no longer an option

You’re a big girl enough to have a job that gives you a steady income that reaches you at least to eat and to live alone. If you have never worked and have always been Nini, it is a very difficult and long process tantrum, I know because it happened to me. But there is another, if the 26 do not keep yourself, then you are a serious problem.

The social pressure to have a “formal” boyfriend is horrible

In an ideal world, no one would get with you and not care whether or not you have a boyfriend. But when you’ve grown up in a “traditional” family pressure all around you to have a steady boyfriend and something serious with someone, it’s terrible. This sometimes leads to problems or really bizarre conversations with parents, uncles, grandparents, brothers and all who think they know how you should live your life and what’s good for you.


And babies when?

When you have 18 to 25 years dads still see you as your baby, but when you turn 26 magically something changes in them and I see you as a grown woman who can give them grandchildren, so they begin to bombard you with ideas if you do not have children and then regret it.Adding to this, seeing all your friends from high school and high school full of children is something that leaves you wondering if it’s really what you want, often you walk into a dilemma that causes you a lot of stress and fear. Mainly by not knowing which way to go, if being a mother or not.

It is time to do a thorough cleaning of your friends

Remove from your life to these toxic people is not always easy, because it could’ve done a bit masochistic for years their friendship. The 26 are a stage in your life where you realize your true friends are not more than 3 people and all the others are just “friends or acquaintances” that most do not care about you or you them. Just at this stage of your life it is good to cleanse your friends and just stay with that you know will be there in good times and in bad, and you can not walk with nonsense or supporting a foolish people.

You want to travel but have no money. And if you work, you have money but do not have time

You walk into a vicious circle which sometimes you can not go and if you do not put a quick solution, the years start to happen. You could let go of dreams you’ve had a lifetime and become a more robot system.


You realize that you are no longer a girl who must solve her problems

In theory you should already be mature enough to solve your problems and make decisions even if they are difficult. You’re not old enough to go running with your daddies for help. If you owe someone money, you need to pay or if you have not paid for the services of gas, water, internet and so on, you should see how to fix it without help.

What kind of partner are looking for?

When you get to 26, all that sooner or later we need to be with someone who understands us, cuddle, talk us cute and show us his love. The problem is that most times we end up with someone who totally does the opposite to what we were looking for love despair of loving someone. At 26 it is important to clearly define what kind of relationship looking for or if that’s what you really want. The point is not to end up with someone who only make your life miserable.

Anyway … I hope I have not scared to get at this age.