25 Goals that every girl must meet before age 25

For every girl, the decade of the 20s is radically divided when it meets the first quarter century.25 years are unforgettable for all women; think is inspiring journey all the way up and fears that have faced to reach this point.

Perhaps this is why it becomes so magic is old and you can say with certainty, that are of the most endearing years you’ll live. If you do not blow out 25 candles on the cake or even a whole year you have left to meet them, hurry to reach these 25 goals that must have already crossed your wishlist the day 25th birthday.

1. Stay in pajamas without leaving home a full day

woman in pajamas with dog

2. See complete series that have not finished

open laptop computer on table

3. Save money and meet magical towns

jar with money and plane label

4. travels alone to a concert

woman with short concert raising hands

5. Finish a game that you like

cartoon girl playing video games

6. Visit your favorite amusement park

Girl kissing mickey mouse in disneyland

7. Visit more than 3 museums in one day

woman in a gallery with paintings

8. Walk the largest library in your city


9. Adopt a pet makes you happy

woman carrying a small pig

10. Learn to develop a kite flying and throw

25 things you should do before turning 25

11. Learn a new language online

hair Chinese woman at a computer

12. He knows every corner of your city

woman with hat watching gif city

13. Learn to play a new instrument

gif woman playing drums

14. Change your look dramatically

woman with hair color

15. Meet childhood friends

girls hand look and smile

16. Listen to the complete discography of your favorite band

gif woman with headphones

17. Visit a place where you have good memories


18. Attend a play you do not know what it is about

men and women sitting in armchairs

19. Takes dance classes

gif blonde woman dancing in living room

20. Visit relatives who live in another city

woman with elderly woman trying on clothes

21. Learn to draw a portrait

woman drawing with markers

22. Desvélate until dawn with your friends

girls selfie taken at a party

23. Learn from your mistakes in love

bespectacled man kisses hand of woman

24. Write a journal

woman sitting writing

25. Discover your favorite exercise

blond woman exercising