25 absurd and cute tattoos all secretly want to have

The culture of ink on the body has changed too, and every day we love the idea of having more body full of incredible drawings. From the most romantic couple tattoos , to the works of art that show that tattoos are also women .

But honestly, there are a couple of designs that despite not make much sense seems to us to have one day; between fruits, cartoons from your childhood or just household items that just do not look cute. These 25 tattoos are cute but foolish, and I assure you all wish them secret.

1. An avocado in half

avocado tattoo on one arm

2. This sexy alien

alien tattoo on hip

3. Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown

charlie brown tattoo on the arm

4. A diamond under your collarbone

diamond tattoo on her shoulder

5. A colorful donut on your ribs

Tattoo donates ribs

6. A plane

avion tattoo ribs

7. A red balloon on your finger

tattoo of a red balloon on the knuckles

8. This rainbow on your wrist

rainbow tattoo on wrist

9. This small Saturn

planet saturn tattoo on hand

10. Traces of your pet in your foot

dog footprints tattoos on the instep

11. This popsicle

Tattoo popsicle

12. A tiny pineapple

pineapple tattoo on leg

13. A slice of pizza on your ribs

Tattoo pizza ribs

14. This beautiful cat pusheen

pusheen cat tattoo on his arm

15. This electric guitar on your wrist

guitar tattoo on wrist

16. A safe in the side of your hand

insurance tattoo on hand

17. A single umbrella on your fingers

sunshade tattoo on knuckles

18. This lovely bee on your wrist

bee tattoo on wrist

19. Or a cute unicorn

unicorn tattoo

20. A snow cone

ice cream cone tattoo

21. This cute elephant

elephant tattoo foot

22. A little mermaid in your ribs

Little Mermaid tattoo ribs

23. A tiny cactus

small tattoo nopal

25. This slice of pizza infinite

pizza infinite tattoo

25. A tattoo Daria

daria Tattoo