24 year old girl earns almost $ 70,000 a month while traveling the world

Earn money traveling is the dream of many. Aileen was also the Adaid, with the only difference that she was behind him. As soon found to be behind a desk was not a profitable business when your dream is to discover the world, new adventures and meet other horizons, he decided to leave the corporate world to pursue their dreams.

Aileen Adalid was 19 when he graduated from the business career of La Salle University in Manila, Philippines; during his career he had the opportunity to receive training in multinational companies such as Nestle, Unilever and Siemens, until he got his first job at Deutsche Bank.

Aileen Adalid in a subway station.

At 21, the girl earned just $ 300 in the banking world, but he has to time this was not the kind of life that made her happy. Not that leave super job opportunity, but stepped aside and let someone else take that life for her, as many “digital nomads” do in these times- in order to have a freer life.

He met some people who were dedicated to Freelance  and decided that would be their lifestyle; more life and less work, flexible schedules and on all trips. Thus he began the dream, doing some work web design, graphic design, online marketing, among others. Soon, a single customer doubled his previous salary in the bank and had the opportunity to make their first trips to France and Thailand.

Aileen Adalid in a pool in Bali.

Adalid in May 2014 decided to start a business with someone else. Put your online store through Amazon Adalid Gear ; and it offers some sports equipment, travel and health care.

As soon as his income allowed him and got a student visa, he moved to Baetica. It was at this time when he decided to start his own blog, I Am Aileen , to enter the world famous bloggers who “work while traveling”, attracting the attention of the community of travelers from around the world.

Strolling in the snow.

Adalid now earns about $ 5,000 a month just to tell his adventures; each month traveling from the Philippines, where he currently resides, to other parts of Europe and Asia (You can follow their adventures on Facebook or Instagram ).

Recently this 24 year old girl confessed in an interview that he decided to leave the ties that bound her to the corporate world to go behind a simpler lifestyle as “digital nomad”, a style that allowed him to travel slow and new adventures.

Girl on the beach.

She makes a fortune while traveling the world

Aileen look at a world map.

Its revenues grew from 300 to 70,000 dollars

Some elements that are necessary for the trip.

“When I started doing my own business my salary was nearly double and began to have time to travel.”

Taking a boat ride on the beach.

There were people who taught some strategies

Important carnival in the world.

But not accept any offer

Girl in the pool.

But soon began to arrive proposals by the world of tourism, she has said he wants his blog retain its authenticity; and although now earn enough money to travel, with discounts and promotions offered by your travel blog, save up to 70 percent of their income.

Make at least one trip per month

Aileen to the seashore.

While living in Belgium he had the opportunity to know the Faroe Islands and up the mountains of Norway.

Walking in Norway.

“Always be in one place can ruin anyone’s vision, you can break the rhythm and inner peace, fortunately I found I could go slower finding a balance between work and travel.”

Aileen working while traveling.

She plans to live in Spain soon, and decided to grow your business while traveling around the world is the plan of life he wants to continue.