23 things that only close friends understand

23 things that only close friends understand

1. It is an unspoken rule that if she hates someone, you must hate that person too. Without asking more


“She puts the word bitch in ‘reputation’.”

2. If the relationship of one of you is going through a drama, the other is obliged to listen and give a detailed analysis.


You may not like it. You may even ignore it. But you have to listen.

3. You know that there are some problems that can only be solved with alcohol


“Is there more alcohol, right?”

And while one promises to be the one to make decisions that night, there is nothing wrong with that.

4. Of course, they know exactly how to deal with each other when they get drunk


You know that vodka causes her to lose her memory, that becomes aggressive whiskey, tequila and that she loses her clothes. And now you know how to deal with the hangover resulting therefrom.

5. If something new or strange is happening in your sex life, you talk with very graphic details


Or, how can you know if it was normal or if your friend should also try?

6. They share the same malicious thoughts that could not tell anyone else


“She herself too wants to commit suicide.”

Because if you did, you would have more friends.

7. You know exactly how to raise your ego when you need it


“No, you do not look wonderful at this time, but you have good bone structure, so you’re still in the top 25% of the most attractive people.”

8. You do not mind nudity


After you apply bronzer it to parts of your body that nobody else sees, nudity stopped being issue.

9. Can you describe how someone you just met is, and she’ll know exactly what you mean


“His legs crossed and pointing at you. That is clearly an invitation to have sex. “

10. And no need to speak to understand


11. They share a special look that tells us-we-of-here-immediately


And when you see this look, you act immediately.

12. Sometimes, when they leave, they have to share the bathroom because there are too many things-just to talk about


13. They can be terribly bad with each other, and know that no matter


“I made a mistake”.

It would take more than that to really stop being friends.

14. If you want to complain about your family, it is your duty to join.And if you change your mind after five minutes, you should also make you


15. If one of you giggles, it’s just a matter of seconds before the other can not stop doing well


“Paris: We have nothing. Money or credit cards. We only have ourselves to offer. “

16. have probably made a ranking of all your friends based on their attractiveness


“I’m so jealous! That’s. I get me dumb, ugly friends. “

And they have argued about how many points someone wins appeal for having a good personality.

17. It is also normal to have conversations that begin: “If you were in his place, what would you do different?”


18. Sometimes the only thing that can make you feel better jump on your bed without being asked and snuggle all night


“Do not die, actually. It is as if afraid to time. And not having enough. Time to find out who is supposed to be … to find my place in the world before it must leave. I’m afraid of what will lose me. “

19. Han shared a meal before / while / after a night out


20. Do not judge what make another


“You know what I finally realized? We do not care if you do not like us because you either likes you enough for us. You’re a bad person, with an ugly heart, and could not care less what you think “.

No questions. No comment. Without exceptions.

21. Know your romantic story better than yours


You were not too sensitive but he was being too imbecile.

Because you’ve been there for each break.

22. You can not hold your happiness in your life when something goes perfectly well


And vice versa.

23. And going to defend even without knowing what he has done

2. 3

Shut up. I’m your person.