23 facts that sound like a lie, but surprisingly are true

23 facts that sound like a lie, but surprisingly are true

Have you ever heard something that sounds completely false and you’ve surprised to learn that in fact it is possible? Then get ready, because users of Reddit are sharing a lot of facts which are 100% real, even though sound . as a lie these are 23 of them that will leave you open – mouthed:

1. The Caesar salad was invented in Mexico by the owner of an Italian restaurant trying to flee the dry law in the US

Practically, nothing makes sense when it comes … But this salad is delicious.

2. Nintendo was originally founded in 1889

When I was just a card game.

3. Generally, kidney transplants in two originals are left and added a third kidney pelvis

Do you also thought that drew one and replaced with another?

4. Kangaroos have 3 vaginas


5. The man reached the moon 65 years after having learned how to fly

We learned pretty quickly, right?

6. The original voices of Yoda and Miss Piggy are played by the same person

I did not understand … HOW?

7. In 1992, 10% of the $ 100 bills belonged to Pablo Escobar

And probably all still buried there.

8. The opener was invented 48 years after cans were invented

Before they opened with knives or sharp tools.

9. The Tyrannosaurus rex was closer to us than was thestegosaurus

This never happened.

10. An average cloud weighs 500 tons

Although they are so light.

11. Fat is lost sweating, but exhaling

That’s why you lose weight when you exercise, you breathe much faster than normal.

12. The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica and is close to Ross Island, where it has not rained in a million years

You remove the snow and you find pure land.

13. Hippos kill approximately 3,000 people per year

Do not mess with hippos.

14. 50 years ago had 50% fewer people in the world

Seriously, the numbers have soared.

15. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined

What do they do with so many lakes?

16. Formerly, the manufacture of mirrors was a secret so well kept that the persons responsible for doing so could not escape from Venice or their families were executed

quite complicated a guild, if you ask me.

17. A child can pass through the arteries of a whale

Do not let children near the whales, please.

18. Guns N ‘Roses have only a 1 in US throughout his career

The best example of that No. 1 is equivalent to not have talent.

19. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is enough to store all the planets in our solar system

Believe me, it is real … Although technically impossible to achieve.

20. The odds of coming back to life with a functional brain after receiving first aid is 2%

Sorry for take away hope.

21. It is possible to lose about 400 calories just being inside a cold room having chills

Chills activate hormones that actually make you lose calories … Although there are better ways to do it.

22. There are descriptions of medieval times where knights fighting appear giant snails

Disgust is immense.

23. The average person has less than one testicle

Because … Women.