20 Translations nonsense … but with humor!

When it comes to make a message clear in another language, the first thing that comes to mind is to use translators found on the Internet, without imagining that we can play tricks or they do not understand the meaning with which we express ourselves.

The most common errors in such translations are found in tourist sites or in areas where we need something ban or warn visitors. Let’s see what we mean:

1. Here there is celebrated on Halloween


2. How often do you eat?

often often

3. Meat in its juice … will there be in tetrapack ?

Meat juice

4. Currencies more value

Coins weight

5. New packaging for humans

Human bottle

6. Reinventing recipes

Spaguetti the donkey

7. The Pope and Mexican food

Potato and chorizo

8. Exit to success

Exit to success

9. New breed of dog

French pool

10. Tacos for millionaires

Tacos for millionaires

11. Wired Chicken

wired chicken

12. To not go unnoticed welcome

Welcome Pope

13. Master Yoda translated

Translation Yoda

14. A very strange garment care

Clothing Care

15. Do not step on the grass … or the law

Do not step on the law

16. What will be a  carrir fire?

Fire Carrir

17. Can I keep swimming areas?

guarded area

18. A sovereign tennis court

Tennis Rules

19. What will happen on cloudy days?

Lane clear days

20. Will there be faint blue pants?

strong blue pants