20 Things to only understand the girls who are obsessed with their school

There are two types of students in the world; lovers of order and perfection, and those who use a notebook for all subjects and never bring pencil. We all know that being a student is not easy;It costs time, money, but mostly a lot of dedication and discipline to achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom.

So the girls who love to always have the best grades, we could not live without our supplies, our weapons to achieve a flawless make homework or studying a topic to dominate as a whole genius. If you’re like us, you probably will identify with these 20 things every girl obsessed with school supplies will understand.

1. You are unable to start a class with an old book


It is impossible for you to use a notebook again. You feel that the last of that notebook distracts you. In addition there is nothing like writing for the first time in a new one.

2. The reason for your obsession is to do homework so perfect

drawing task with heart and colors with plumon


3. And you need many tools to get

sheet of paper and markers separated by colors

Like pens and markers, and enjoy separate them by color.

4. Also the sticky notes are indispensable

books with many notes and post its

Little notes, clips, spacers of different colors. You do not understand how people can study without these accessories.

5. You love practicing your writing pens Brand

gif calligraphy pen with black ink testing

The litmus test for new pens.

6. You tear a full sheet when you’re wrong

muer blonde head on the table and sheets of paper

You can have a mess in your life, your relationships and your home, but your notebooks, everything must be perfect, and if not, you stop feeling that what you wrote.

7. Tomas seriously gridded pictures in your books

English words written on sheets of grid

And really bothers you go wrong and break out of a picture.

8. know perfectly the tip of your pens

different line thicknesses written with colorful feathers

You know identify and use wisely each.

9. You have the superstition that certain pens write better

Cover book with title and downs

You have the idea that certain style of pens sabotages your talent in calligraphy.

10. You get jealous if someone has secretly letter prettier

Angry blond woman

You know it’s the most ridiculous reason in the world to envy anyone, but just can not control it.

11. You have a lucky pen

hello kitty pen with hearts

Not just any pen is the pen.

12. Or a special pen that never lend

bitten pencil on a table

It is the companion of exams, which you bite at a time of tension and never lend anyone.

13. If you lend another pencil and you come back and bite you do not want

giphy (2)

“It is not to be annoying but what kind of respect for school supplies is that? “.

14. sharpen the pencil to admire this beauty

sharpener with garbage rolled to perfection

You love doing these little dance skirts for your pencils.

15. You love fruit smells Downs

colored feathers with fruity scents

They are the best idea in the world! They are fun and not have that overwhelming smell that tide.

16. Nothing hurts more than that dried down

marcatextos down sharpie capless

Why nobody closed? Why do you want to see the world burn?

17. Collector developments in stationery

colored necklaces with an eraser

As these incredible necklaces with rubber. To whoever came up with this idea is a damn genius.

18. You love shopping at large stationers

stationery with feathers of many different colors

One of your favorite places to visit a shopping day.

19. You kill these helpful nostalgia

colored pens with lace

Nothing will relive the best moments of your primary to do school supplies 90’s in some stationery.

20. You’re a nerd of decals

Book decals with smilies

It is supposed to use to study and remember important things, but basically just love the feeling of hitting one of these where you want to.