20 Things to only girls who have been pregnant may understand

If you are not a mother, probably thinking that pregnancy is only shown in pictures, where the woman is touching her belly, looking radiant and spectacular; however, there are many other situations, some fun and other shameful that we go pregnant.

So if you’re a mother or you are expecting a baby, surely you will identify with these 20 things we secretly pregnant. And if you’re not, it’s time to get an idea of what you might expect.

1. You loved to spend all day with his pants unzipped

Pregnant girl with unbuttoned pants and dancing with her husband

Gave you a feeling of freedom, and the best: not aplastabas your baby

2. We said goodbye to waxing

illustration pregnant girl trying to shave

Is too complicated to achieve your legs or any other area when you have a belly that keeps you from seeing them, so better you said goodbye to waxing.

3. You were so hungry that you ordered everything on the menu

gif saying pregnant girl eating for two

Your justification was that he craved the baby, and you just cumplías orders.

4. You discovered the world called: “I dropped but not cleanse”

GIF girl saying I do not care

The solution is to always put a lot of absorbent towels.

5. Your feet looked like a Hobbit

Pregnant girl with swollen feet

So I said goodbye to the beautiful high heels and others, due to excessive swelling of your feet.

6. not you, are your hormones; they are to blame for everything

GIF girl saying is embrazada

7. You placed your hand on your tummy so you do not confuse your pregnancy fat

Pregnant woman touching her belly

8. Some things on the list of gifts babyshower were for you.Oops, guilty!

Gif gwen stefany covering her mouth

9. You knew the shame of the “treacherous spritz”

GIF lady gaga rising from his chair

How am I supposed to resist the urge to pee?

10. You are guilty of dye your hair!

GIF girl saying the root of the hair is dyed

Perhaps you did before you knew you were pregnant, or maybe you did at the end because you felt that your baby was safe; yet you still can not admit that what you dye your.

11. You cried, really were a sea of tears

GIF girl crying

You had plenty of reasons to mourn: a movie, a bad comment, you feel fat, you reached to see stretch marks on your tummy, did not fulfill a craving … and the list goes on and on.

12. More than once you you pulled the nipples to find out if you already had milk

Girl touching her breasts while showing a shirt that says got milk

13. You walked exaggeratedly for the world to notice your pregnancy

GIF Penguin walking on ice

14. You took caffeine

GIF Girl with a cup of coffee

15. Every other day you forgot your vitamins

GIF Girl taking your vitamins

I honestly can not remember everything, your memory fails a bit.

16. Conversabas with your baby throughout the day

GIF embrazada girl talking to her belly

No matter what was in your belly, both had a great connection.

17. For a microsecond I was disappointed to learn that the sex of your baby was not what you expected

GIF scene series Friends, couple watching your baby

Admit it…

18. Tried strange food combinations

GIF girl eating waffles

19. You spent most of the time thinking about food

GIF Kim Kardashian eating ice cream direct a machine

20. Was your perfect excuse for not having to do housework

Kim Kardashian asleep GIF

Load a baby for nine months in the womb can be really exhausting, so better than they do.