20 things that only understand those who love sleep

20 things that only understand those who love sleep

Undoubtedly, the best time of day is when you can finally go to bed, close your eyes and sleep. I love that part of the day and hate having to get up the next day and leave the comfort of my bed. In fact,sometimes even down to look at every place as a possible space to sleep comfortably , but then Iwake up and I realize that is not possible, and that’s when I return to want to be in my bed. Have you got it? If so, then sleep as much as you love me.

1. You do not understand those people who walk happy if they arose early

2. Sometimes reject parties because you’d rather stay asleep

3. Your good sleep is based on how comfortable is your pillow

4. If you are with your partner, you invite him to take a nap with you

5. You hate the torturous sound of the alarm that wakes you

6. You love instantly get home and put on your pajamas

7. When you have free time no doubt a nap

8. Constantly express that you are sleepy

9. For you would be perfect as the day began at noon

10. You become too unbearable when you do not sleep the hours needed

11. Choose expect anything sleeping

12. Your best scenario is to stay home in pajamas

13. You love the comfort of your bed

14. No one understands how you can sleep so long

15.’re almost always estir√°ndote and yawning

16. You think if someone loves you completely will let you sleep whatever you want

17. In fact, they usually tell you you’re too sleepy

18. Sometimes even the coffee does take away the dream

19. You have the innate ease of falling asleep where

20. When you sleep even a carnival can wake