20 things that only girls who suffer from painful periods understand

20 things that only girls who suffer from painful periods understand

Although the menstruation is a natural process that every woman has to go , many of us we spent quite bad and unbearable pain, those that make us say ? Why my But as strong women already know endure those “days” of the month as all about champions. Here only those 20 things that go wrong during the period, you will understand:

1. You can feel that you are about to venirte rule and dogs feel danger

2. You spend the days before the time in a state of anticipation and depression … a lot of depression.

3. You probably have episodes of false alarms, thinking has already begun

4. But, just beginning, you know … Wine and hard!

5. You might have awakened in the morning because of your pain

6. And God help you if you have painkillers close

7. But there is always saved a lot of pills out there because years and have taught you to be cautious

8. You have a common strategy for these bloody days

9. definitely has to do with a blanket to keep you warm

10. And many ways to lie in bed

11. Because when it has to do with the pain that you produce menstruation, you know you have to take extreme measures in desperate times

12. You become very emotional and do not know exactly why, much less know control

13. But, everything gets worse when someone “mockery” saying that these so by your rule

14. Your boyfriend or outgoing, surely it was a little frightened the first time I met you at that time of month

15. But eventually if you want you acknowledge and accept your rule … And you know that in those days you have to give a lot of love, conceit and especially “understand you”

16. The most irritating is when someone much older than you, who has already gone through right now, you begin to give “advice”

17. However, the worst thing is that you know that nothing and nobody will save you from the pain you rule produces odors and …

18. At least you know you’re strong and can resist a good champion

19. And these list for those days of the month


Women, we are the most, definitely!