20 things that all women want but can be uncomfortable to ask

If there is one thing we have left is very clear that men and women do not think alike, not just fall in love and often are different things that make us have a good time and be happy.

There are some men who have the sensitivity to understand these small details that can make a difference, but there are others that seem to come out from another planet and it really embarrassing to have to explain to manzanita what makes us happy. So we have listed 20 things that women love to us to happen but it would be very uncomfortable asking our boyfriend.

1. A message for the morning wanting to have a nice day

She smiled sadly.

2. Romantic Photos posing together

Di Caprio drinking a selfie with a girl.

And if this idea is an initiative of it for us, it becomes doubly romantic.

3. surprised with any detail

I movie scene before you.

It does not have to be costly when it comes to surprise any detail counts.

4. Take a class together

Couple dancing.

Taking dance classes or a sport may be the most romantic in the world and can give a twist to the relationship.

5. tell you how good it looks your new look or your new dress

Man telling a girl who loves her.

There is nothing more odious than make a change in your image to see cute, and that change goes unnoticed in the eyes of him.

6. To present you with all your friends

Giving him a ride to his girlfriend.

All women like to feel that the man with whom we are proud to be on our side.

7. That plan a romantic date in the heat of the candles

Scene from the movie Lady and the Tramp.

Surprise your partner in a place that until then did not know with a meal or a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine makes them fall rendered to anyone.

8. Abrazarte or tickle while walking

Couple smiling.

That romp with the couple or catch you off guard hugs are the best evidence that we have at our side a tender man.

9. A talk under the stars

Couple lying under the stars.

Perhaps we have seen too many movies, but not romantic apoco only you, your partner and illuminating stars? I do not know, think about it…

10. tender, corny or even tone uploaded messages

Message saying I love you.

All girls we like to know that although he is elsewhere are thinking of us, and although some say that we are not exactly the type syrupy, the reality is that we all love a nice message on the day.

11. That you write a letter for no reason

Movie scene PS I love you.

For those who believe they have been over the years of letters between the lovers, I regret to say that this is something that all women keep dreaming: beautiful words of the handwriting of your beloved.

12. take you serenade

He singing a song to his beloved.

Not that hopefully the great mariachi, but a trio, an informal serenade with friends is something we all like to brag.

13. Go you to your school or work

Scene from the movie Bridget Jones.

A no we like that the relationship becomes too apprehensive, but it is also true that receive the surprise that he has gone to fetch something thrilling surprise.

14. That you take flowers without being a special date

Ashton carrying a bouquet of carrots to his girlfriend.

A women like to receive flowers for no reason. I do not speak of a bouquet of 40 red roses, sometimes simple details can give you a 180 degree turn to your day.

15. A walk or bike ride

Couple walking bike.

Out to enjoy nature, get out of the routine, transit through new places is something we all want to do with your partner.

16. invite you to watch a sunrise

Couple watching a sunrise.

18. accompany you to be alone

Actress couple smiling while reading.

I know it sounds difficult, but sometimes it is possible to give some space to your partner without being away.

19. tell you is happy with you

Chico declaring his love to his girlfriend.

20. I propose to do unexpected things

Couple taking a motorcycle ride.

The list is much longer than this, but is open to all those who believe that love is magical or given in potions and message lasts forever; no lords, love must be cultivated every day, with details. It is the only thing that lasts forever, which is constantly renewed and fall into the comfort or conformism of the best is already given; remember that in this life nothing is certain, except death.