20 Terrifying dishes that make your Halloween party unique and perfect

A favorite for many is Halloween dates, it is a day that can disguise of being more horrible, or become an adorable creature; however, in this special time they can not fail at parties that essential part: the sandwiches!

If you or your friends are planning a party and want to enter the atmosphere of terror, here we leave some delicious snacks that few dare to try. They are very easy and quick to prepare, so you’ve got to try them!

1. Gelatine brain

Gelatin made brains

2. Cookies finger-zombie

Finger-shaped cookies zombie

3. Shots blood

Shots red

4. Bone cheese

cream cheese shaped bone

5. Candy Frankenstein

chocolates decorated like Frankenstein

6. Pastelillos terrified

Chocorroles scared

7. Worms gelatin

Jelly worms chocolate and cookies

8. Hot-dogs fingers

Hot dogs with sausage-shaped fingers

9. Ghosts pumpkins and fruit

Fruits in the form of ghosts and pumpkins

10. Eyes egg

Eggs shaped eyes

11. mummified Sausages

Sausages in the form of mummies

12. Heart jellied

Heart gelatin Chamoy

13. Apples drowned

Skull-shaped apples in red wine

14. Spider chocolate

Spider made donuts and cookies

15. phantasmagoric Pastelitos

Chocolate cakes with ghosts

16. Syringes with blood of vodka

Syringes with water jamaica

17. Pumpkin sick

Gucamole mounted on a pumpkin

18. Denture cookies

Denture made with biscuits

19. terrifying Spaghetti

black spaghetti

20. Apples Nightmare Before Christmas 

Apples Jack Nightmare Before Christmas