20 Reasons why your grandmother is your favorite person in the world

Nobody in the world as your second mother: one that took care of you since childhood, with whom you spent Saturday afternoons at home and shared secrets that you never would count your parents. The mother figure that gives us our grandmother is like that of a mother, a teacher and a sister, but all at the same time.

And it is that your wisdom is as great as the difference in years with you, and His love is as pure as that of an innocent child. That’s why we once again have to confess that she is our best friend. If you identify with this, sure you say yes to these 20 reasons why your grandmother is your favorite person in the world.

1. The only and best confidant of the world

elderly woman beside girl in armchair

2. A romantic advice is worth gold if Grandma wisdom

elderly women and men walking on the street

3. no more comforting Embraces

gif woman hugging her grandmother

4. Go to your house is like going back to your favorite place

old woman with glasses girl smiles

5. Their life stories inspire you to be a better person

grandmother lying in an armchair

6. There are no best beauty tips that your grandmother

grandmother against women measuring dress

7. The smell of your kitchen is priceless

woman hugging her grandmother

8. You know that the first to defend it will always be

woman girl hugging grandmother

9. He loves you just as you are

girl kissing woman with glasses

10. You always come back with more kilos after visiting his home

old woman with cookies and coffee on the table

11. Your grandmother has inherited the best gifts youvintage

old woman with rolled carpet

12. usually do things alone with tender

woman hand with hand holding old

13. You respect both to the person he has become

gif girl with her grandmother moving fan

14. You speak the truth before making a mistake

blonde girl hugging grandmother in armchair

15. It is never too big to have fun with you

Girl and grandmother using filter deer Snapchat

16. When you’re away whenever you mention: “My grandmother says …”

gif grandmother willow cartoon pocahontas

17. Viewing photos with it is your best hobby

polaroid photo woman hugging her grandmother with balloons

18. Do not you dare to imagine life without it

Girl sends kiss with his abuekla

19. Were you especially when you spent your special recipe

grandmother back in kitchen

20. She is basically a second mother to you

girl hand ring hand with elderly woman