20 Reasons why we have fear of marriage

Although for some people marriage is the most important step in their lives, each day there are more young people who are afraid of commitment. In some cases it may be even a gamofobia attack, a persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of marriage.

The world we live in is increasingly marked by the tendency to individualism and the culture of disposable (throw away everything that is no longer useful), including relationships, which according to experts, are increasingly characterized by a tendency to be more fleeting, superficial, ethereal and less commitment. Fear, phobia? You are are 15 things that many fear marriage.

1. Fear of commitment

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Not that this generation has commitment phobia, say we have created a bubble of well-being, in our likeness: fear appear when we see endangered said bubble; that is, when we believe that a change that could destabilize our security will occur.

2. Leaving the circle of comfort

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Once you have you used to have your stuff, your schedule, your money, and especially your space or your favorite bed place, it is hard to think of give up. No longer a poor adaptability to change, on the other hand crave, but it costs us recognize. We see ourselves as fragile or weak.

3. Be part of the statistics

Couple arguing.

Divorce rates are getting higher day and continue to rise, this is one of the reasons why many refuse to marriage, as being part of those statistics when you join a person thinking it’s for life, not creates a kind of phobia of marriage, but the marriage failed.

4. Deception

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One of the things that scares some people to fall into a routine or in such a boring dynamics Orille one of the partners to get to another person, and the idea of having to deal with all that infidelity It implies is something that terrifies.

5. Sacrificing a successful career

He is fleeing woman in wedding dress.

Especially in the case of women, marriage is often seen as a thousand-headed monster who sees everything and ending with the dreams and aspirations of successful careers and an active professional life, the responsibilities that come with caring for a home . While it not necessarily has to be so, and every day more successful women to prove it.

6. The family drama

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It is with emotion that causes the marital union of a family member or it is just at that moment when everyone believes they can be part of the decisions of the couple.

7. Phobia routine

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The idea of settling usually brings other negative connotations like the idea of having to get up, eat lunch, go to work and sleep every day at the same time and in the same way, causing fear to establish a style similar life to this.

8. Increased responsibilities

Women between happy and sad.

Especially if you’re one of those whose parents have given many facilities, marriage regularly involves giving up many comforts; also think about buying a house or rent, electricity, water and many other responsibilities that until now had.

9. Marriage sounds more like a challenge

Woman hitting a man.

Living with someone, learn to overcome moments of anger or frustration of another person, overcome the habits of years of the other person, those are just some of the things that others speak and that make marriage seem more like an obstacle course.

10. The failed experiences of other

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For many, marriage is always the “end game”, “the culmination of a life,” the “goodbye”, “the conclusion of a friendship” and so much more that really scared to think about it. As if that were not enough, there are always “friends” who already had their chance and they spread their bad vibes to say that marriage is like hell itself, just because they fared poorly.

11. Change

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Whether for good or bad change or unknown, it is something that always scares.

12. Abandoning the idea of coming home and say “what’s for dinner, Mom”

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No matter how independent we have been educated, the truth is that the food is something irreplaceable Mom. In addition, affection and concerns that mothers always have for their offspring is something that definitely hard to quit.

13. The cost of the event

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If the decision to marry was not enough, we must immediately think of the costs involved. No matter how small the wedding, think about the banquet in place, music, invitations and so on is something that can cause headaches. But that’s just the beginning, because then come the cost of a house, furniture. But if you see the softer side, anyway someday you have to do and be independent.

14. Get up and always sleep with the same person

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Renounce the possibility that Brad Pitt, Ashton Cutcher or any of the men of your dreams one day comes and you have to say you’ve already chosen the person is something that undoubtedly affects many women, insomuch have a phobia of marriage.

15. Say goodbye to dreams of traveling

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We’ve all dreamed of in life with travel, and there are those who autosabotean thinking that marriage is the end of those dreams, and I travel a couple is not the same to do it alone or with friends. Humbug !, can be even more fun when you share it with the person you love.

16. Losing your privacy forever

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Do not have space to do things that are uniquely yours.

17. Having children

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Marriage and children is something that usually is linked, and if something scares some people is the idea of being invaded by those little creatures that do not give you space or toileting;although in the end it is one of the greatest blessings of life.

18. Know the brunt of your partner

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We all have good moments and bad moments, and some say that in dating everything is happiness; but if that person does not have exactly a good character, the idea of sharing “toooooda” life scare you.

19. The end of your social life

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It need not be, but say goodbye to the party and fun scares many couples.

20. yes

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Socially, the fear of marriage seems to be an accepted and also to natural, so why not fear.Fortunately for all those fearful, the rule says that there is no fear that love can not overcome.

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