20 Promises that every man should make the love of his life

Find the love of your life is not an easy task, even for women or men. This requires great patience, because in the way stumble, maybe your heart broken a few times and do not want to know anything more about it.

For men it is not a simple task, but when they find the woman of his life protect and make the most beautiful promises of love, although some are not always met, not because they have forgotten but because fate changed course. However, these are some of the promises that every man should make the love of his life.

1. I promise to look into your eyes and understand what you tell me with each of your gestures and glances

couple in love

2. I promise to be honest with my feelings

couple talking

3. I promise to become my priority

couple walking hand in hand

4. I promise to make you laugh every day of our lives

couple laughing

5. I promise to support you in the professional decisions you want to take

kissing couple

6. I promise to say  I love you  and not only that, but prove itat all times

I love you

7. I promise to be with you in good times, in bad times and in all circumstances

be with you

8. I promise to be a better person, even if you me and make a better person every day


9. I promise to grow with you and not leave you behind never

grow your side

10. I promise to give my best to spend the life together

happy couple

11. I promise to do everything possible to not hurt


12. I promise to arrive early at our meetings

appointment couple

13. I promise not only hold your hand, but your soul and not let yourself fall


14. I promise to be the light of your eyes

looks of love

15. I promise to respect your space and time

couple planning

16. I promise to understand when you’re going through a bad time


17. I promise to make you feel the most loved woman


18. I promise not to keep you any secret

couple talking

19. I promise between people praise you because you are my proudest

between the people

20. I promise to be faithful, for you are the one for me

Kiss of love