20 pictures which show that as a mom no two!

It matters little what belong species, the most important thing in life is to have mom and these 20 photographs show tender affection extends to the whole animal kingdom.

Hairy, giant, a little dirty or large teeth, our mom always be the best on the planet and it is easy to see why, as you will see in these images that explain it perfectly.

1. At your side everything is perfect

Baby kitten kissing his mom.

2. A flower to another flower

Mono giving a flower to mom.

3. For mom no ugly ducklings

Duck and her ducklings.

Step 4. Slow but sure

Turtle turtle mom with her daughter.

5. Whatever yours for a hug

Lions embraced.

6. Kiss trompita for Mom

Hogs giving a kiss.

7. There is not cold when I’m with you cale

polar bear mother and daughter.

8. Everything is easier when I’m with you

He hung the arm of her mother Chango.

8. Life starts here

Horses hugging.

9. You’re the best!

Baby seal resting her head on mom.

10. I have the most beautiful mother in the world

Monkeys eye to eye.

11. What would you do without your care?

Leon giving a bath to her offspring.

12. We cross seas …

Bears at sea.

13. Mom is always willing to give me a little push

Hipopótama mother pushing her baby hippo.

15. The world becomes small when you’re with me

Giraffe mother kissing a little giraffe.

16. My kingdom for always being so

Holding elephants trunk.

17. Nothing like being together

Lions and lion cub.

18. There is no mom like mine!

Koala mother and daughter.

19. A gift of nature

Crocodile father and son.

20. A round of applause for mothers because, they’re the best in the world!

A flamingo with his offspring.