20 Photographs of a perfect stranger who lives with celebrities

Not all glamour in the world of celebrities. Despite living most time in front of the spotlight, they also enjoy leisure time in the company of family, friends … and strangers.

Average Rob is a native boy from Belgium in your account Instagram  shows us the other side of living with the famous with edited images that appear to accompany several characters in the most unexpected moments.

1. Joining Eminem one morning

average rob and celebrity edited photo

2. Lay not go there, Taylor

average rob and celebrity edited photo

3. Everything was going so well!

average rob with brad pitt angelina jolie and

4. It is not easy living with Katy

katy perry average rob and

5. O with Miley

miley cyrus average rob and

6. To infinity and beyond

average rob and toy story

7. A tough guy more

average with Van Dam and rob Schwarzenegger

8. Great friend of Kim and Kanye

average with kim and kanye rob

9. As part of the cast

average rob and cast of friends

10. Whoever loses sleep, and Mila knows

average rob and Mila Kunis

11. One more Strange things

average girl rob and strange things

12. Practicing the  split  with Paul Logan

logan average rob and paul

13. It is a life risk

average rob and celebrities

14. Jennifer has everything under control

jennifer lawrence average rob and

15. Girls just want to have fun and he knows

average rob and celebrities

16. Selena sitting on the table when you do not serve fast

average rob and selena gomez

18. Definitely something happened last night

average rob and happened last night

19. Adele does not yield even a centimeter of space

average rob and adele

20. Life is a box of chocolates, right?

average rob and forrest gump