20 Pecados all did with denim in 2000

When you’re a teenager and you live in this stage when you’re “finding” yourself, it is normal to experiment with a couple of trends that the fashion world has to offer.

From extravagant hair cuts until a couple of holes, youth leads us down paths of fashion with the passing of time we regret. So the girls that we live 2000 as apprentices fashion, see our oldlooks can be fun and embarrassing at the same time. Just like with all these 20 sins that wemade with denim in 2000.

1. In 2000 there were no zippers

pants with strips

2. And this strange kind of jeans-corset

blonde woman in jeans and red shirt

3. Or in any case, the zipper was behind

woman with jeans and zipper on back

4. The jeans came complete with belt

blonde woman in jeans and pink belt

5. Strange tears in flared jeans

woman with jeans hip and broken down

6. Patterns on denim

woman with jeans print pictures

7. Jeans washed out in front

Front faded jeans

8. alongside faded Jeans

woman with faded jeans sides

9. The jeans had to go to the hip

blonde woman with denim jeans hip

10. What was the obsession teach thong?

woman wearing jeans and thong

11. Go to end with corset pants

waist jeans with many buttons

12. jean simply did not make sense

woman with ripped jeans and plush coat

13. Never had enough denim

Flared jeans with pictures and

14. Never!

denim boots

15. The clips in the jeans were for boring

woman with jeans without belt loops

16. That addiction among demin and corset was not healthy

pants with the side strips

17. A box pretending to be denim skirt

women with denim mini skirts

18. The casual elegance and translated into this

denim set

2000 19. Why, why?

woman with tweeds and patches

20. denim and made us happy and

couple dressed in denim