20 Ideas to dress up this Halloween that will make you love your curves more than ever

A girl curvy  in the perfect costume can become a difficult task if you do not find cuts that makebetter use of curves in disguise; and there is nothing more annoying than arriving at costume stores and see only tiny pieces.

Fortunately, today’s Halloween costumes are no longer exclusive to small sizes, as designers from around the world dedicate their talent and time to create amazing ideas for plus sizes. And this time we have 20 designs inspired costume plus size  that will make you love your curves more than ever on the night of  Halloween .

1. The  siren  more curvy and sensual

woman with mermaid costume

2. Dare with body paint skull

woman with costume skull

3. Interpret the sexier White

woman with snow white costume

4. A Playmate Playboy

playboy girl dress

5. Get inspired by Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Emerald woman costume

6. emcee of a circus

woman with corset and hat

7. A glamorous Cruella DeVil

cruela woman with costume Fel

8. A fun bat

woman wearing black bat

9. Wonder Woman pin up 

women Wonder Woman costume

10. Lara Croft, Tom Rider

woman with costume lara croft

11. Girl from the 20’s

woman with black dress costume charleston

12. Poison Ivy

woman in costume of poison ivy

13. Innocent and cute deer

woman with brown dress with white dots deer

14. caveman girl

girl costume with cavernicola

15. An incredible Cleopatra

woman with black dress cleopatra

16. Jessica Rabbit is a classic Halloween

woman with jessica rabbit costume

17. Sexy Alice in Wonderland

white woman in blue dress

18. The Queen of Day of the Dead

woman wearing white Day of the Dead

19. A charming stewardess

white woman dressed in blue

Fairy Godmother 20.

woman with costume fairy godmother and magic wand halas