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For some mothers have their children at home during the holidays can be fun, but often also tiring, because they spend too much time thinking about what mischief do when they have something more important to do. So for some mothers it is beautiful when you finally have to return to their school activities.

Although many children are not thrilled with the idea of returning to school, for most parents is the best feeling in the world. You could say even feel too ecstatic. This is how these parents showed the joy it is to see the horror on the face of their children to return to school.

1. The first day of school is wonderful for parents

Mom jumping because their children back to school

2. They have to return to school, children

Dad mentiendo their children to the van to return to classes

3. Yes! At last I will be alone again

Mom celebrating your child returns to school

4. This is the dance of happiness back to school

Mom dancing because their children back to school

5. Oh yeah, look who return to school today!

Mma jumping because their children back to school

6. Thank God today is the first day of school!

Mom celebrating their children back to school

7. The happiness of a mother when her children return to school

Mom jumping of emotion because their children back to school

8. No more games at 6 am

Father jumping from the excitement back to school

9. Goodbye Felicia, have a beautiful day

Mother with a poster saying goodbye to his daughter

10. The happiness of a father too

Father jumping for joy because their children return to Escuala

11. For some parents is a true celebration

Parents celebrating with balloons back to school their children

12. I also feel I happy to send my six children to school

Mom happy that her 6 children back to school

13. This mom is too excited

Mom jumping because your child returns to school

14. For them is the most wonderful time of the year

Mommies jumping with excitement at seeing their children back to school

15. Missing: zero days for back to school

Mom with a poster celebrating the return to classes