20 animated characters inspired by famous

The cartoon is part of our childhood memories through hundreds of films. And even when this magical world is based on fantasy, some of the main character of his films were inspired by real characters.

So if you think at some point that characters like Ariel, Belle, Aladdin or Princess Aurora have a somewhat familiar air, you’re right. Here we present 20 animated characters inspired by celebrities.

1. Irene Bedard –  Pocahontas

Irene Bedard and Pocahontas

2. Divine – Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Divine and Ursula

3. David Schwimmer – Melman from Madagascar

David Schwimmer and Melman

4. The Beatles – Vultures, of The Jungle Book

The Beatles and Vultures

5. Antonio Banderas – Puss in Boots from Shrek

Antonio Banderas and Puss in Boots

6. Alyssa Milano – Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Alyssa Milano and Ariel

7. Will Ferrell – Megamind

Will Ferrell and Megamind

8. Eddie Murphy – Donkey from Shrek

Eddie Murphy and Burro

9. Kevin Hart – Snowball of The Secret Life of pets

Kevin Hart and Snowball

10. Angelina Jolie – Lola, Shark Tale

Angelina Jolie and Lola

11. Gary Oldman – general grawl of Planet 51

Gary Oldman and general grawl

12. Zach Braff – Chicken Little 

Zach Braff and Chicken Little

13. Hugh Jackman – Roddy, of What water was

Hugh Jackman - Roddy

14. Tom Cruise – Aladdin

Tom Cruise - Aladdin

15. Justin Timberlake – Prince Artie, of Shrek the Third

Justin Timberlake - Prince Artie

16. Reese Witherspoon – Susan Murphy, Monsters vs. Aliens

Reese Witherspoon - Susan Murphy

17. Jackie Chan – Mono, of Kung Fu Panda

Jackie Chan - Mono

18. Brad Pitt Metro Man, Megamind

Brad Pitt Metro Man

19. Dustin Hoffman – Master of Kung Fu Panda

Dustin Hoffman and Shiffu

20. Tom Hanks – Woody of Toy Story

Tom Hanks - Woody