19 powerful and exciting photos of births of this 2016 that will leave you breathless

The birth of a child should be one of the most special moments for anyone. For the mother it has to be an indescribable feeling, knowing that you have, for so long, a being within you a little more or less – 38 weeks. That is why many parents decide to capture this moment in a sequence of beautiful photos.

To honor this beautiful moment, the 19 photographs were collected too wonderful time different families, will welcome the world to your child.

Some photos are as powerful as they are exciting; Because they reflect what it is to bring a new human being to the world.

1. This photo is wonderful …

2. This father who decided to cut with his own hands the umbilical cord … pardon, with his mouth.

3. This was a family effort.

4. This mother who decided to give birth in a pool in the middle of nature.

5. This tired mom who continues her work as a mother despite being about to give birth.

6. This beautiful moment when this mother kisses her oldest daughter, waiting for the child to be born.

7. This father helps to bring the world to his son.

8. The moment when this mother felt an indescribable love when receiving in her arms her son

9. This beautiful moment when a mother receives her son, who was born from a renting belly.
10. This wonderful moment when a renting mother receives the son of this couple.

11. This excited child helps weigh his newborn brother.

12. This mother is giving birth to the placenta, while her partner holds the baby.

13. This mother who breastfeeds her firstborn and her newborn son at the same time.

14. This sweet photograph in which a mother helps her daughter who is a few hours of being a single mother.

15. This exciting photo in which a father holds his daughter for the first time.

16. This wonderful moment when a little boy came to this world

17. This mother who is contracted. In a few moments you will have your baby in your arms.

18. The mother of this baby can never forget that moment.

19. And the purest emotion of knowing that you are not a couple: now there are three.