19 great celebrity tweets about children will make you laugh out loud

19 great celebrity tweets about children will make you laugh out loud

Caring for a child is difficult, very difficult. It is gratifying and is full of beautiful satisfactions; as I see him smile, remembering your own childhood and teach cussing , but also challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable. That famous, that can not escape t lso must deal with the disasters that their dear children do, and many take it with humor.

The more relaxed even tweeting about it and share those funny moments with his followers, then we present a collection of entertaining fun celebrity tweets about your children:

1. Nicole Richie, known for  The Simple Life  and her friendship with Paris Hilton-enmity, now mom and definitely knows the difficulties that come with the occupation:

Twitter / @nicolerichie

“It’s 8.30am and I have already involved in five fights” – thugs, and parents of young children “.

2. Did you see  How I Met Your Mother?  Alyson Hannigan is not only fun in the role of Lily Aldrin, but also in his Twitter account 

Twitter / @alydenisof

“My 6 year old son, ‘Mom I love you more than all the biscuits with chocolate in the world!’
My 2 year old son, ‘Mom I love you all the way to your nose . ‘”

3. Neil Patrick Harris, also from  How I Met Your Mother , shared a Christmas time with which many parents will be identified:

Twitter / @ActuallyNPH

“I was up until 2 am building a wooden train table with par Gideon and all he wants to do is play with a broom #FelizNavidad”.

4. The actress Kelly Oxford shares in his Twitter account the fun things he does and says her daughter:


“My seven year old daughter entered the room and confirmed casually: ‘You have a story of why evil you are, right?’. Then he left. “

5. And another …


“My seven year old sings Hold Up Beyonce, stops and whispers:” I’m very happy that Beyoncé has written this song. I am very happy that her husband has been unfaithful. ”

6. Conan O’brien


“Each generation just wants their children to have a version of Spiderman better than they had.”

7. Christina Applegate


“I had no idea that a ghost baby be called a” morn “. Information of a girl three years.

In the drawing reads: “Happy Ghost with a baby inside. A ghost unborn child is called “morn. SADIE “.

 8. Channing Tatum and son “headstrong”.

“I know I have a hard head … I did not know he had a hard head by lol son.”

9. The actor Joel McHale, known for his role in  Community clearly spent his sense of humor to his son:


“My son changed the Lego movie song from” It’s amazing when you’re part of a team “to” Everything is amazing when you’re not dying. “

10. Conan O’Brien children should still feel guilty …


“My kids asked me why they were angry protesters on Wall Street, and told them it was for the horrible Father’s Day gift I got last year.”

11. With you, the black humor Ryan Reynolds:


“My daughter just sneezed in my mouth while I yawned. He looked very fucking happy about it. The joke is for her: will have to bury me someday. “

12. There are things that smaller will not understand until they grow …


“It turns out that our children do not believe that rainy days are days reserved lazy to watch Netflix and use sweatpants. His lost”.

13. Christine Teigen model illustrates, very calmly, that awful moment of panic that every parent has experienced:


In response to ‘How’s the little moon?’:
“I know I can not find”

14. The singer Carrie Underwood was a bit troubling revelation:


“I just realized that most of my diet consists of the remains of the food that my son is not over”.

15. I have nothing to add


“Having a child alert me to the fact that every man, at some point, has urinated in his own #maravilloso face.”

16. Zooey Deschanel and the presidential campaign of her daughter:


“My daughter is going to run for president. He remains silent on all key aspects, but it is much cuter than Donald Trump. “

17. The actress Anna Faris, wife turn of Chris Pratt shared the sweetness that her son answered a simple request:


” ‘I do not think Mommy!’ is what my son answered, ‘Can you collect desparramaste popcorn, please?’ “.

18. In addition to his black humor, Ryan Reynolds has a lot of honesty to share:


“Being a father is the best feeling in the world. In addition to all those beautiful years I spent without a son, of course. “

19. Parenting requires patience and sense of humor …


“Teaching toileting is proving great! I have natural talent! “

What did you like most?