18 disgusting things that all couples do

18 disgusting things that all couples do

When you have a partner for a long time you tend to feel a unique confidence that makes you not feel ashamed of anything, not even your face in the morning or walk in pajamas. Nothing makes you feel uncomfortable and, in fact, to have the confidence to do things that can be really nasty, but between you and your partner are completely normal.

1. They lick the face trouble

2. grains each burst, and like

3. Sometimes who throws compete for loudest gases

4. Be Said in detail everything they did when they were in the bathroom, even the color and shape of the poop

5. They share the bathroom without feeling disgust or shame

6. They take with your fingers what the other has in the nose or teeth

7. They talk in the bathroom while the other poops. I do not even care about the smell!

8.  share your toothbrush in an emergency

9. Ask the other you feel if your armpit smells bad

10. Kissing even if they have a cold

11. Remove each facial hair left over, even those who grew up poor

12.  They take the other a stain on the face using Saliva

13. They share the towel after shower

14. It happens: when they bathe together always make peeing against the other (or the other) without shame

15.  publish photos on social networks passionately kissing passionately …

16. They share gum

17. They share the same shaver

18. But nothing gives disgust or shame, because they love and accept them as they are