17 lessons fashion that we should rob us of “Scream Queens” unashamed

17 lessons fashion that we should rob us of "Scream Queens" unashamed

Series on television there are many, many. But few have a job in the costume department so neat, defined and attractive to become a representative fashion on the small screen. At some point it was (and still is ) Sex And the City , then many filled that void with Gossip Girl. And today no doubt, this place is Scream Queens , so here are 17 lessons fashion that can shamelessly steal.

1. Never hesitate to combine pastel colors more pastel

2. Mix prints is not as terrible as you probably heard out there, nor is it so difficult

3. sunglasses add a touch of drama to all

4. Everything is better with BRILLOS

5. The clothes really do not have time, so do what you want in winter and in summer

6. Never be afraid to cover your shoulders with a wonderful coat

7. The skins can be used at any time of day

8. And you can fill them with whatever you happen

9. Your style can shine in your workplace

10. Never stop inspiration in the past, especially in the 90

11. The high socks can really do emphasize a look

12. Do not be afraid to see “too professional” in a suit, they can also be an excellent choice

13. Having a pair of dangling earrings is a must

14. Obviously a pearl necklace also

15. Find an accessory that represents you, invéntale a crazy reason you use it and do not remove it again

16. The sunglasses can be used indoors if you have the confidence

17. But certainly, there is nothing more dramatic, romantic style and shout like a satin gown up

In addition, it is the best look that you might be killed accidentally or be surprised vengándote a murderer.