16 things nobody told me about being an aunt

16 things nobody told me about being an aunt

1. The cravings that arise whenever see

2. Such protective side that comes when something bad happens

3. That child instinct reborn every time they ask me to play with them

4. See my nephews smile is much better than any other therapy



5. Will you buy all the toys or nice things whenever you see a

6. Be a little selfish with those who want to embrace or upload

7. I feel part of their upbringing, and I can teach them to be better people

8. hysterics and kisses are insured



9. My priorities changed and now spend time with them is much more important than going to the spa

10. Whenever aunt tell me my smile gets bigger and my heart beats stronger

11. My relationship with my brothers has been strengthened

12. I can teach them funny and absurd things without feeling guilty



13. My folders and drawers are filled with drawings, and I love

14. We have given a new meaning to love and happiness

15. I went back to look at life more easily

16.  They have become the most important part of my life