16 perfect uses that can give the exquisite orange peel

16 perfect uses that can give the exquisite orange peel

Orange besides being one of the most delicious fruits is very healthy. It’s a great source of vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils that do very well to the body. And believe it or not its shell, which usually throw out in the trash, too It has many properties and can be very useful. Here we show you 16 uses you can give:

1. To make a tea

Just a few pieces in boiling water will make you have a rich orange-flavored tea.

2. As a natural deodorizer

Use pieces of dried peel to remove odors from your home. Simply place them in a muslin bag and you can put them in shoes, your car, closet or drawer.

3. As a spice in certain meals

Many desserts wear orange peel such as the classic rice pudding teachers Flavors

4. Add a little orange peel in your bathroom

The essential oil of orange peel your skin will be impregnated.

5. Body Scrub

In a bowl add coconut oil, sugar and grated orange peel. Will leave your skin rejuvenated!

6. Dental Whitening


According to the Shareably site, rub an orange peel on the teeth every day helps keep them whiter.

7. As insect repellent

Citrus scents do not like insects too so you can hang a few strips of orange peel on doors and windows to chase them away. You can also frotártela skin and to prevent mosquito bites, for example.

8. To remove grease

Rub an orange peel can help you remove grease stains from your kitchen

9. As kitchen cleaner

Orange peel leaves steeping in vinegar and then use this liquid as a natural cleanser for your home. In addition it will be all with an amazing citrus scent.

10. These delicious orange peels covered in chocolate are the perfect gift for your friends

Or the perfect temptation for after meal

11. Rállala and añádesela your meals

Toast, cereal, yogurt or salads receive that touch of citrus and at the same time get all the nutritional properties of orange peel.

12. To create these great candles

You must peel the orange with a knife to achieve create two kinds of bowls with the shell.


A part can be used as a base and the other as the top of the candle. The white stem that is attached to the shell is the wick . Then add a few teaspoons of vegetable oil on the wick and, if desired, a few drops of essential oil scent you like .


Finally make a hole in the top to allow oxygen to keep the fire burning. You can also make holes with designs for your candle has more style.

13. As a facemask

Mix two tablespoons of orange peel filing with honey to make a paste. Apply it on your face and help you eliminate acne scars and rejuvenate your skin.

14. To avoid the bad smell of garbage

Send orange peels in the bottom of the landfill to keep out the smell.

15. To remove moisture from other products


Place dry pieces of orange peel brown sugar and prevents clumping moisture

16. For home fragrance

Do you have invited to your house and you would like oranges smell quickly? Easy, places a lot of orange peels in a pot with boiling water and within minutes they will scent all over the place.