16 horrifying statistics SpongeBob. So they want to ban it in Mexico

In 1999 millions of people around the world fell in love with Sponge Bob and his fun and unforgettable adventures. Today, after many years of having been aired we can not deny that this is one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters.
And Mexicans should feel very fortunate to be viewed as the Mexican government has repeatedly tried to ban the program. They argue that the series was not good for children to touch the issue of relations between people of the same gender and substance use. But today we will celebrate introducing you to 16 curiosities that any fan of SpongeBob should know .

1. Stephen Hillenburg is the creator of the series and before turning to cartoons was a marine biologist. In his younger years he worked in a fast food restaurant, as Bob would not notice a resemblance in their eyes?
2. Originally the character was to be called “Spongeboy” (Chico Sponge) but the name was already registered by a brand of mops and changed to what we know today.
3. The name “Bikini Bottom” is because supposedly, this beach is located inside the Bikini Atoll, a set of islands where the United States had nuclear tests between 1946 and 1958.
4. SpongeBob is now 30 years since according to the driver ‘s license that never properly approved, was born on July 14, 1986.
5. Squidward is actually an octopus, but the animators did not want to put eight tentacles so that the character was easy to animate and did not look very heavy.
6. The hamburgers sold in the “Krusty Krab” are vegetarian, they got would be impossible under the sea meat or fish commit cannibalism.
7. The “Krusty Krab” restaurant shaped lobster trap … so now when you see the cartoons, you know visit will be to fish like going to your grave.
8. Patrick has a sister named Sam and hardly speaking, we have seen little in the series.
9. Patrick and Gary are cousins, because their fathers are brothers. Do not you think it strange that your best friend is prime of your pet? That only happens to SpongeBob.
10. In 2011 a kind of fungus that was called “spongiforma squarepantsii” in honor of SpongeBob was discovered, recalls that his English name is “SpongeBob SquarePants.”
11. SpongeBob is the series most watched Nickelodeon, also the most time because already surpassed series “Rugrats”. Added to this is the product that is more distributed MTV Networks (MTV owns Nickelodeon) as it is exhibited in more than 170 countries and translated into more than 24 languages.
12. Each character of “SpongeBob” represents one of the seven deadly sins.
13. The creator of “SpongeBob” Stephen Hillenburg, wanted the character laughter remind us the sea, so they mixed sounds of dolphins and seagulls to produce it .
14. On 1 May 1999 the first chapter so the series has been 17 years on the air was released … when did you start to see?
15. The series has been criticized by various associations of parents and religious as it is considered that teaches children to establish good relationships with the same gender. Here we see SpongeBob balloons inflating peculiar to a figure of Squidward, other scenes show it to him and Patrick in compromising situations.
16. Another criticism that has suffered the program is that it promotes the use of illegal substances, as only this could explain the strange behavior of some characters.