15 Truths that highly sensitive people want you to know

Tests conducted by the researcher and psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron show that one in five people is highly sensitive. It is said that these people are easily overwhelmed, to avoid conflict at all costs and are often seen by others as someone shy.

If you have the belief that a sensible person tends to mourn and even to exaggerate things, read this article that shows you 15 truths that all highly sensitive person wants you to know and dare not say, so will achieve better understand them.

1. Be sensitive not make me weak

I am not weak

Quite the opposite. My sensitivity has helped me increase my intuition and create armor that protects me on the road.

2. Conflicts not go with me

without conclictos

I just do not like conflict, I prefer to breathe deeply and calmly handle the situation, before angry.

3. Subtle changes affect me


Yes, any subtle change around me affects me, even if you change your voice abruptly in front of me will achieve desconcentrarme and I begin to assess the situation quickly.

4. My emotions are intense

intense emotions

Although you consider me weak, timid or distracted. The truth is that I am always living in the moment, whether it is joy, sadness, anger, fear or a strange combination. I enjoy intensely each emotion.

5. It’s all part of what I am


You may find me somewhat paranoid by firmly assess the who, what, when, where, how and why of each situation. But I like to understand in depth everything around me, as it can easily affect me.

6. I want stable relations


I refer not only to a relationship; also my friends must be stable, as are those that will grow me as a person.

7. I love you; I hate you

I love you

Remember when I said that I am affected by almost everything? Well, just imagine what happens when something important has changes in my life: I just turn into a roller coasteremotional.

8. My supersensitivity makes me more empathetic


Even before you tell me how you feel, I know what happens to you. If you are sad, worried, anxious or happy I will be able to easily perceive, since external emotions tend to seep into my being.

9. The film is not my

watch movie

Watch a movie over the weekend is never in my plans. Interestingly, my high sensitivity makes me have too much empathy with the characters, making me feel alive flesh that lives each.

10. Keep a low profile

I stay at home

The parties, concerts or activities involving crowds are not my thing. Often catalogarás me as someone antisocial or heavy, regardless of type of environments that make me feel emotionally overwhelmed.

11. I think, therefore I act


Most of the time things will think 100 times before them, then make a quick decision could have repercussions.

12. My emotions also have


Others take me a crybaby , I feel unable to handle my emotions, because everything sobreexalto and many times I do not take into account.

13. I cry easily

mourn easily

I tend to mourn frequently, but not because it is fragile. Regardless of my emotions, my tears tend to betray.

14. Your words have power


Even your letters, the way you talk to me, write or you will address me intensely to reflect on my behavior, creándome uncontrollable anguish.

15. I can not stop being sensitive

be sensitive

Sorry, my sensibility is here and here to stay; it is what makes me be me, but sometimes it can be difficult sobrellevarme.