15 satisfactions that you only experience when you move to live alone

Decades ago, the independence women used to be rare; The customs were different and the pace of life was slower. Nowadays, more and more girls choose to leave home as soon as they enter adulthood and seek a life in solitude.

Sometimes that choice is due to a job, study trip or maybe just because it is an experience that every girl wants to live, especially before the prince that the tales so much promise comes, and is that singleness, independence and Loneliness are part of the recipe for every mature girl. These are 15 satisfactions that only the girls who live alone will be able to understand.

1. You can go to the bathroom  without closing the door

And even sometimes if you have visitors you forget that you are not alone.

2. Put your favorite music without disturbing anyone

All the fans of Justin !

3. You never wait outside the bathroom in the morning

And at least you know that if you delay was not the fault of your brothers or your roomies.

4. Never have problems with roomies

Never, never, not one, there are not, they do not exist!

5. Do not bother if someone did not do their homework

You decide how long those dirty dishes will last.

6. No one eats your favorite food in the refrigerator

So when you go home and already taste the refreshment that awaits you in the refrigerator, you will always be sure that there you will find it.

7. You can invite anyone, whatever day, whatever time it is

And make the parties that you want or pajamas with your friends; Soon your house becomes “the meeting place” in your group of friends.

8. Changing a light bulb becomes a fun challenge

And you feel the strongest, toughest and most independent using all kinds of tools that do not look like your make-up brushes.

9. Suddenly you become an expert in shopping

The first few times are usually difficult and you end up in bankruptcy, but after a few times you become more adept at carrying “just what you need”.

10. You are thrilled by a good deal

Just knowing that a large sanitary paper package has a super-discount and you will not worry about it in months will make you say, “Amen!”.

11. You can cook at any time without disturbing anyone

Throw a skillet to the floor and enjoy the beauty of silence and not a single complaint.

12. Even if you have disorder, you know that everything will remain where you left it

Because it may not be a pretty mess, but it’s your mess and nobody messes with it.

13. Do whatever you want in the morning without listening to complaints

Feels even better on Sundays.

14. You can have the pets you want

All the pets you want without worrying about anybody’s allergies or phobias. Point for your life alone.

15. Getting home is the best part of the day