15 reasons why you’re destined to be with your best friend forever

Normally, when talking about twin souls is referred to a couple, but why can not you try the best friends? After all, it is with whom we create a bond, even sometimes stronger than that of a romantic relationship.
They practically know everything that happens in our lives, and they are the only ones we can never separate, despite time or distance. It is likely that your best friend is the only one who understands you. So here are 15 reasons why you are destined to share a life at your side.

1. Feel restless if they do not talk in a long time

And of course talking for three hours to catch up does not cause them fear.

2. All the time they remember why they are wonderful

Because they have to admit it, they really are.

3. Their rarities are endless

Between the two there are no limits to discover how rare they can be.

4. Your evenings become boring if they are not together

They spend so many hours laughing, that the evenings can become very boring.

5. Their fights do not last more than 15 minutes


Admit it: they have so many gossip to tell, that the worst decision in the world would be not to speak.

6. They will never find who to joke with

There really are no people like you in the world.

7. They are the first to give “like” in their social networks

After all, they are your greatest support.

8. Always take care of your back

Especially after they have several drinks.

9. And support each other no matter what happens

Every break of heart, every mistake and every success; The important thing is to be together.

10. A very long period of time has been separated

Sometimes they feel dying for not being together, but it’s all worth it when they see each other again.

11. Money debts do not exist between the two

The support you have balances the excess debt.

12. They know their families fairly well.

Even their mothers treat them like another daughter.

13. The secrets do not exist between you

They know everything there is to know.

14. They are always encouraged to be better people

And when they finally do, they feel extremely proud of it.

15. Their friendship will endure for ever and ever.

The love between two souls that are destined to be together never dies, so their friendship will endure through the years.