15 reasons why wearing glasses is cool

Goggles, magnifying glasses or lenses were used as accessories by somewhat clumsy or introverted characters in television series; However, things have changed. Wear lenses is cool . We do not know when or how it happened, but it is a fact.

Who put them in fashion? Nobody knows; you can see these 15 reasons why wearing glasses is as cool .

1. You look mature

Well, at least that looks, since on some occasions wearing glasses makes you look older, this adds some credibility to others.

2. People take you seriously.

It’s just a matter of putting them on and everyone is paying attention when you talk. Even those schoolmates or workmates who usually ignore you completely.

3. A world of possibilities

4. Mystery to order

It gives you a somewhat mysterious air because people do not know what personality is hidden behind those glasses; You could be someone very sophisticated or very distracted. The truth is that many times they treat you in a more respectful way.

5. They help you to see

No one can tell you otherwise. Always look for the ones that make the best game with your face but remember that the main objective is to see correctly.

6. Guilty or innocent?

7.They are sexy

Men admit it, women with lenses are sexy. Just look up over them and arch an eyebrow to have a row of fans behind you.

8. Protect your eyes

They are an excellent shield against dust and wind that can damage your eyesight.

9. Highlight your look

Nothing more effective than a pair of glasses to frame your eyes and focus the attention of others in your eyes.

10. You’re in style

All shops sell fashion glasses without graduation are usually used by hipsters , placing you as a real trendsetter.

11. Attract Success

The most powerful, responsible, strong and fierce women that come to mind use them. Will it be a coincidence?

12. Make the Difference

Women with glasses are a clear minority, so when they appear they stand out and become attention subjects.

13. Camouflage

If last night’s party left visible havoc on your person, your lenses are your best alloy since they will help you to disguise the irritation of your eyes.

14. You save makeup

Almost no one notices the difference of how much you wear makeup or when you do not use anything, making you feel more confident about yourself.

15. You know how to collect

Due to the multiple accidents to which your lenses are exposed, you probably already keep a collection of frames; Something very original to share.