15 reasons why “Betty, la fea” was a real hipster

If you saw the Latin television in early 2000, probably you remember the Colombian telenovela “Betty La Fea”. That tender story of an ordinary girl who came to overcome stereotypes and won the love of his life with bangs and a hard shell glasses.

Do you think ?, familiar to us too. So getting a little back, and reviewing your look, personality and way of thinking, we conclude that maybe Betty was the mother of a generation of girls Hipster and do not you know! And here are 15 reasons to check.

1. The bangs and glasses say it all

woman with bangs and glasses

2. And not fixed because its inner beauty is what matters

women before and after transformation of beauty

3. It is modern and has a complicated personality

woman with bangs and glasses ugly betty gif

4. It is in the business of fashion blogs long

woman with glasses sitting on computer

5. The first to use the buttons look blouse and vest

woman with glasses, bangs and shirt with vest

6. also dominated the selfie in the mirror

woman with glasses front of the mirror

7. Precursor to bring the handbag long strap

woman with glasses and small coffee bag

8. And on special occasions, her dress hipster fashionista

woman wearing pink ruffles and woman with bangs and glasses

9. He is always surrounded by her squad

group of women friends

10. Also yacht walks with her friends

women sitting on a yacht

11. His life is a beauty tutorial

woman make-up removal in a beauty transformation

12. But instead of its channel on  YouTube, had his TV

woman make-up removal and transformation with makeup

13. And as modern, is now on Netflix

S.Image on Netflix

14. hipsters States Can never be defeated?

couple of men and women wearing glasses

15. Too similar can not be coincidence!

woman with bangs, glasses and red dress