15 Reasons showing that the Prime Minister of Canada is the man we all need

Justin Tudeau is the man who has stolen our hearts since November 2015. Its charm lies not only in the fact that it is the prime minister of Canada, nor in his political achievements or financial status. There is a simple reason why we have crazy turns: It’s gorgeous!

44 This man was born in Ontario, is the father of three children and lives in happy marriage. But that is not all; He has a lovely smile, deep blue eyes that seduce anybody and a bearing that worthy of any prince of Disney. If that’s not enough for you, then we give you 15 reasons why you want to move now to Canada.

1. It is the Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau talking to a guy

2. It has the world seductive look

Justin Trudeau looking at the horizon

3. And it seems Disney prince!

Posing as heartthrob Justin Trudeau

4. It is kind to the elderly

Justin Trudeau talking to an elderly woman

5. But he also loves children

Justin Trudeau posing with a baby

6. It is surrounded by important people

Justin Trudeau with Obama

7. Put up the name of your country

Justin Trudeau talking on the phone

8. It is an excellent father

Justin Trudeau with his family

9. He likes to stay connected

Justin Trudeau talking on cell

10. It’s adorable!

Justin Trudeau gesturing with hands

11. Supports diversity

Justin Trudeau supporting the gay community

12. And proud of their country

Justin Trudeau smiling

13. In addition to practice sport

Justin Trudeau boxing gloves

14. It is devoted to love

Justin Trudeau and his wife

15. It’s the perfect man!

Justin Trudeau making a heart with hands