15 points: a woman who are irresistible to a man

The attraction between a man and a woman is a beautiful game that involves chemical, physical and visual criteria. To understand this, and before we knew what traits physicists in a girl were the most attractive to a man.

But on the other hand, there are a couple of details we behaviors and expressing all our female sensuality and, for decades, we know they are a symbol of attraction for the male gender. This time they themselves confess to those 15 details a girl who are irresistible to a man.

1. When a woman biting her lips

blonde woman with braids biting his lip

This gesture provokes tenderness and draws attention to the lips.

2. A bare shoulders

smiling woman sitting with glasses and hat

Bare shoulders cause them a desire to embrace and protect a girl it seems fragile and sensitive.

3. Touching a smooth skin

female legs with green shoes

Soft and smooth skin is one of the traits that fascinate a man.

4. The hair collected

woman with hair up

Hair pulled adds a provocative tone that reveals the ears and neck, usually covered by hair.

5. The voluminous lips

blonde woman with red lips

As long as the girls do not overdo it with the duck face  or duck face. The large and well painted lips are a symbol of female attraction, so it is impossible for a guy resist them.

6. A sensual voice

short hair white woman with pink lips

Men may shake if they have before him a woman with a deep voice, but very feminine. Surely this reminds the image of a femme fatale or film diva.

7. When a woman wears sexy but elegant

woman with elegant dress blaco

The balance between sensuality and elegance in women, to hide a bit to leave something to the imagination, is one of the most attractive features for a man.

8. A look unusual

woman with purple hair and red lips

The difference also generates a special interest when a girl with an image unusual is going through the eyes of a man.

9. When you wear glasses

blonde woman with glasses and hand on mouth

This detail becomes a magnet for men, as well as being an accessory that can be used in a flirtatious, generates an air of mystery and strict woman they love.

10. Aman girls with freckles

He is lying woman with freckles

Besides being a feminine touch, they are associated with innocence. If you’re a lucky girl who has this trait, do not wear makeup: let them look as they are a lovely touch a woman.

11. If a girl knows stepping on heels

woman in high heels walking gif

Even being the lowest heel on a shoe girl, men see them seems irresistible when women know tread poise and fluency.

12. A beautiful smile

haired blond woman smiling

They love a sincere smile on a woman, and thus reflect their true emotions without giving the impression of being cold or apathetic.

13. A natural makeup

white woman with light makeup

They love to admire a girl with natural makeup instead of taking a red-cheeked with thick eyeliner or blush on your eyelids.

14. That look over shoulder

woman looking sideways at shoulder

The special magic that has that look up shoulder is classic women in the 50s, when the trend was to be a flirtatious girl on posters advertising.

15. When a woman has self-confidence

gif woman with attitude moves arms

The best attribute of all. Of the above features would be useless if women do not have the confidence to boast our balance and natural charm.