There are little things that men sometimes do not realize that for us means a lot.

Today I want just to mention some, hoping they never make the stop.

1. When your sweater or jacket is removed when we are cold and we cherish it.

2. When you get to play as children with a puppy and do not realize how tender and cute they look.

3. When we embrace that perfect asphyxiation not force, but makes us feel protected.

4. When we say hello and leave us delicious smelling cologne.

5. When you ask them to try a new look (hair, shaving, clothes, etc …) and they do it to please you.

6. When we make you laugh so much that cause us to go the air.

7. When you call them because you had a problem and they do not do anything to help you go to.

cute love

8. When we want to allow and encouraged to prepare a romantic dinner by themselves.

9. When they do on those evenings we’re watching a movie, we cariños on our back or hair, until we fall asleep.

10. When though his friends have organized a meeting to see a football match, they prefer not to go and make a better plan with us, just the two.

11. That moment when a call comes in while you’re talking to them when they answer something and say the phrase: “I’m busy, I’ll call you later.”

12. When they try to make of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc … just to save money. Although in the end they last giving up, their attitude of “I can” is very manly and funny at the same time.

13. When you are sad and we have the confidence to lie to mourn front of us. It is beautiful when they show their emotions.

14. When regardless of age, they give us a cheesy detail, made with his own hands.

15. When they know that we are in our day and although we are in a foul mood, they try to tolerate and indulge giving treats and love.