15 men report odious characteristics that make them say no to a woman

15 men report odious characteristics that make them say no to a woman

What characteristic in a person would be enough for him will reject without thinking? It ‘s hard tofind something that is absolutely unbearable or may not be compensated by the other qualities of the person concerned. Poor hygiene, lack of respect and that sort of thing interesting top the list.

Here we present 15 features that, according to different users of Reddit, are enough to say “NO” to a girl.

Some are hoaxes, others have enough sense. We invite you to read and then tell us what you think:


“If they share Facebook posts about being crazy like something nice”.



“Obsessed with social networks”



“If it’s a drama queen.”



“If you chew too loudly.
It’s a kind Seinfeld problem I have. If you are a person who chews very loudly, I aversive. “



“Smoke. Personally I can not stand “.



“If all your ex are  strangers  or  abusers without evidence. They may be idiots, yes, but the other is a sign that is toxic and wants to manipulate the man to believe that it is a victim. “



“If you can not understand my jokes ?.”



“If you paint eyebrows.”



“To act like a fool in an attempt to look tender”.



“If it’s bad to communicate or dialogue. I’m not good with tracks, if you are angry you have to tell me why not act like someone of 12 years. “



“Penis. You can not have a penis. “



“I do not have an opinion on something or hide to avoid conflict. I do not want to agree with everything I say, talk to a mirror if that’s what I want in a conversation. “



“Obesity, body odor, bad breath … anything indicating little physical activity or low hygiene.”



“Let it be irrationally angry over little things.”



“That many orders. Tell me to do things is fine when it is reasonable. Sue is unacceptable. “


 Are you agree with them? Would you add or any quitarías?