15 Jobs that all want to have sex addicts

We know perfectly well that work is not as easy as it sounds, especially if our work is not to our liking, plus most of the time we ended up being dismissed or just stopped going.
But what if we are sure of is that you love having sex, it is something that we all love, then what would you say if you teach 14 types of jobs that can only be made by people who love having sex?
Do not be scared, then you present them, so you know where you need to go to leave your application.
1. Curator Porn
You’ve probably heard of Porno famous “Amateur” is where people recording from the comfort of your home as you do with your partner. A Porno Curator is responsible for reviewing each of these videos from the comfort of your home, all you have to do is evaluate the videos and decide if they are good enough to get on the website.
The curator basically getting paid to watch porn and decide whether it is good or not. Certainly work with dreams every young student.
2. Makeup Artist Porn movies
There is only a better job than the Conservator Porno, have the opportunity to play all those bodies directly. All that is needed is to learn how to use makeup artists.
3. Probadora flavored condoms (Women)
If you are a woman thing about this work it is that now going to make your dream come true, because finally going to have the opportunity to taste all the flavors of the world and in different types of membership What?
4. Photo Editor for Playboy magazine
Here not only will you earn millions of dollars a year working with photos of the most beautiful women in the world, you will also get in touch with all those women who dreamed Chiquito know.
5. Pornstar
Really not much to say, if you like to catch and you like money you’re practically on the other side, it is the job you were looking for. Best of all is that if you’re good you’re doing millionaire doing what you love.
6. Director of Porn movies
When recording Porn movies there is only one better than acting work, we mean to be the Director of the film, because thanks to the position you’re the boss and you can not just order a scene repeated hundreds of times, too you can sleep with all the actors and actresses as desired.
From now on everyone they will want to be Director of Porno movies.
7. Instructor Yoga classes unclothed
For several years women prefer to do Yoga for good health and stay thin. They love to take her clothes off and practice this discipline while watching the perfect body of his instructor.
The truth is that all dream of having an affair with him, is why now all men want to get certified as teachers of Yoga.
8. Painter naked bodies 
Only the most beautiful and best-paid models in the world dare to take off her clothes for your body to be painted by an artist. So if you like painting, it seems a good time to begin to shape your work on naked bodies.
We assure you that the bodies are going to get your hands really are perfect bodies.
9. Massage Nuru
Of course I remember those videos in which a subject full of muscles puts his hands full of oil on the naked body of a porn star. Believe it or not these gentlemen are Nuru professional masseurs.
So if you like the idea of giving this type of massage your favorite porn star, you have to register for the next course to become a masseur.
10. Expert Bra’s
Basically this is a man who study to determine the size, suitable glass and bust pattern for women. But to achieve his goal requires touching those beauties for a while.
If you love the Bubis you know you have to study.
11. Tester condoms (Male)
Nothing else it is an easy job where you can make a lot of money, at the same time is one of the most sexual professions in the world. What it is is to get to the office, take off her clothes and find a partner to test each new proposal condom that will hit the market.
12. Donor sperm 
No doubt this is a very good work that every man should do occasionally. It is important to know that the donation is paid pretty well, plus you get the chance to lock yourself in a room so you can view all the porn you want.
13. Double sex scenes
First you must know that it is a well paid job and all you have to do is keep a good body and be willing to take your clothes without shame. In this work it is difficult to find someone to have sex, but we assure you that after seeing all the famous beautiful’ll always be ready for action.
14. Writer erotic stories
This profession makes you not only intellectually with all Porn stars want to go to bed, it also makes you the person who can regresarles some value, since for most their work is extremely embarrassing.
If you can become the champion of their cause through your stories, you’re practically on the other side, all you will love and you will be very grateful.