15 Incredible Sephora products deserve 5 stars

There are people who would be able to do anything just to thicken your hair, or lighten your skin look more beautiful. Unfortunately, not always investing in the right product and seeing the results are disappointed. The world of cosmetics is huge, with so many brands and products in the market like stars in the sky, and choose the best from a wide range and specific needs sometimes is a really complicated task.

To make the job easier, we have made a list of products Sephora , one of the most recognized brands in the luxury world, who have won the honor of the five stars to achieve the perfect balance between quality and price. Recall that the opinion of consumers is simple: love products or convictions.

1. Nail varnish extract enriched with kale

Kale extract enamel.

The green color  Nailkale base coat superfood s is a nod to discover one of the main ingredients of the formula: kale, green leafy vegetable rich in nutrients. The extract of this cousin of broccoli helps strengthen brittle nails, providing a durable foundation for a bright manicure.

2. Scrub with fossilized algae FRXXXTION

Scrub based fossilized algae.

The interesting thing about this product is that it can be used as an exfoliant or as mask facial cleanser, and any way will leave your skin soft, fresh and clean skin. Tarte FRXXXTION stick includes in its formula fossilized algae, claiming the dead skin, instead of using sugar or micro spheres that are too abrasive to the skin.

3. Beauty blender pro

Beautyblender for professionals.

This sponge is different from the original pink on one thing: the color. It was designed especially for professional makeup to leave no trace on makeup application. perfectly distributed based on the skin, and according to some testimonies, works better than the classic Beautyblender.

4. A favorite to define

Palette to define the contours of your face.

Although there are many palettes to define the contours of your face, Kevin Aucoin is a favorite.It includes some shadows, lighting and two shades to sculpt your face, which makes it an essential travel.

5. There is no better quintessential

Clinique makeup remover.

Clinique cleanser balme is one of the best makeup removers on the market. It works perfect for removing waterproof mascara, eyelash glue and other hard waste. In addition, when mixing a small amount product with water, it becomes soft formula to wash your face.

6. Be seduced by smell

Moroccanoil hair treatment.

Treatment Moroccanoil is a cult hair. This oil can be used on all hair types and textures to give a high gloss. In addition to a blend of vanilla, citrus and amber, its aroma is addictive.

7. Goodbye to dry skin

Treatment for dry skin.

Suffer from dry skin is not pleasant, and fortunately  Dr. Jart + Ceramidin Cream offers the solution. It is enriched with ceramides restore moisture and softness to return your skin cream.

8. Take a chance

Chanel perfume.

The fragrance Chance Chanel was created thinking of the younger clientele, but that does not mean it is a totally youthful fragrance or smell gum. This is a sophisticated fragrance that leaves a nice touch of vanilla, pineapple, jasmine and musk, an irresistible blend of floral scents that last all day.

9. The perfect lip

Lipsticks in different shades.

Lipsticks  Amuse Bouche leave an incredibly creamy sensation in your mouth. The formula includes coconut oil, grapes and leave your always avocado soft lips.

10. Growing old gracefully

Emulsion for the body.

This is the invitation of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace body wash , the same can be used to make bubbles in the bathtub as an emulsion for the body. In addition to having as a basis a formula rich in nutrients, its floral and delicate aroma is an invitation to enjoy the glory years that life gives us.

11. For a unique finish

mineral powders.

BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation Broad Spectrum . Are some face powder to give skin a luminous finish, it does not highlight the pores and is excellent for people with face too sensitive to liquid bases. It is fat – free and also protects against sun damage.

12. Dry Shampoo with nettle

Dry Shampoo with nettle.

Are you one of those who can not stop washing your hair one day because it seems that you have not washed in weeks? Klorane Dry Shampoo Oil Control With Nettle is a dry shampoo that contains nettle, which absorbs fat and makes your hair look as if it were freshly washed.

13. Soft lips like petals

Lip balm.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve  is a really accessible lip balm, thick but not heavy formula, which will show off your extra soft lips.

14. Linda and natural at the same time

Naked Shadow Palette.

With its mix of warm and cool tones, matte and gloss finishes and double – sided brush, not surprised to see that the palette  Urban Decay Naked Palette , original Urban Decay, is one of the bestsellers of Sephora.

15. Removes impurities from your skin

Impuerezas equipment to remove the skin.

Foreo Moon Mini 2  is a tool based cleaning using sonic silicone to remove dirt, oil and dead skin from your skin vibration.