15 Incredible ideas to turn your home into the best and scariest haunted house!

Halloween is the best time of year for the little and not so little ones. It is a month in addition to disguise we can get creative and transform our home into a haunted house.

Fortunately, in these times we should not spend vast fortunes to add some fun to home decoration, so here are these 15 ideas you can use to make all your guests and guests have the best memories of your home; And best !: you not have to spend almost anything to them.

1. Asústame, Pantheon

Amohada with one hand.

To achieve this effect only you have to fill with sand or earth dishwashing glove and put it inside a pillow.

2. Turn your tangerines in a fantastic decorative object

Mandarins decorated as pumpkins.

3. Take your Halloween decor to another level

Ghosts projected in the window of your house.

Place a projector to give to your window, to give even more realism and atmosphere to your decor.

4. The skulls come out of his grave …

Bones of a skeleton in the fireplace.

5. Throw in a touch of mystery

Body silhouette painted on the floor.

A silhouette on the floor and a little red paint add that touch of mystery you were looking for.

6. Spooky

Ghosts made with balloons.

A fun idea is to make floating ghosts, some white balloons inflating and covering each with a piece of white plastic (bag cut white trash) or a white gauze. Tie the “neck” with a belt just below the balloon, and a little slit “skirt” to make it into strips. With a black marker, draw eyes and hangs the “ghosts” of the ceiling with string. Remain great!

7. Night Witches

Hanging umbrellas witch feet.

If you have a umbrellas at home you can use them to do something as fun as this.

8. Taco eye

Eyes in a jar.

Water painted red, a ping pong balls painted eyes and a ingreniosos yourself, sharpen some small decorative details like this.

9. Give your bottles a Mexican flair and creates an intimate atmosphere

Candles in wine bottles decorated with skulls.

10. Turn your home into a cemetery

Cemetery at home.

Cardboard, paper, paper, paint and a little imagination is all you need to create tombs how are you in your garden or your driveway. You will be given the terrifying touch you’re looking for.

11. There Will Be Blood

Candles decorated with blood.

As you can see is very simple to add a fun touch to the decor.

12. For guests

Aguinaldo in a glove.

Easy and fun are these guantees, stuffed with sweets, ranging ah doc with the occasion.

13. Go to the bathroom will be an experience

Halloween decorated bathroom.

Towel with red painted hands.

Put one hand on the plastic water tank and put the water plant paint to make it look to pull him red.

14. The table of honor

Idea to serve food.

An excellent idea to serve dinner.

15. Simple, but effective

Bottle with a mask in water.

Put a mask in a transparent bottle with water to achieve the effect.