15 Images that show why November is the best month of the year

November came; autumn, cold air, nostalgia for cloudy days, the dried leaves of the trees on the ground, the orange, hot chocolate, nights in front of the fire, the warm clothing and evenings Netflix and chill and they are here, but it is occasionally in company of something that all women love: the no shave November .

You ask “what the hell is that?”. Quiet. It is a movement that throughout November, men grow beards, the care and even compete to have it in better shape at the end of the month. This campaign was created in order to raise awareness, disseminate information and raise funds for cancer victims. Of course, we appreciate infinitely women because there is nothing sexier than a man with a beard! If you do not believe, here are 15 reasons to also ames November.

November has come

Boy with white shirt and beard

And that only means one thing …

Boy with blue eyes, tattoos and beard

No Shave November!

bearded boy rocker style

The month in which the world becomes a better place

Barbay guy with tattoos on his arms

There are bearded men everywhere

Boy with green eyes and beard

Who they are like 34 thousand times sexier

sexi men with beards

Interesting …

Beard boy in formal dress

Mysterious …

Men with beards and gray shirt

And charming!

Boy shirtless and beard

The beard is like the makeup of men

Chico bearded hipster

And women love us

smiling guy with a beard

Thank November!

Men with beards casual dress

By making men let their beards

Bearded guy on the beach

And rejoice to the world with this delight

Green-eyed boy with a beard

It’s the best month of all!

Men with beards and black shirt