15 Ideas tattoo on hip exploit your side sexier

Every day more women join the likes to mark their skin forever with a tattoo. There are certain areas favored by them, either because they look super-sexy or because they are discrete, and one of them is the hip.

The hip is a party that denotes more sensuality in the body of a woman. It symbolizes fertility and goes very hand in hand with sexuality; in fact, there are studies that prove that, depending on the width of the hip, is the sexual behavior of women. Whatever the reason, it is an ideal area to get tattooed and though hurts a little, sure worth it. Here are 15 ideas tattoos on hip inspire you to run your house and go to the nearest studio.

1.  La vie en rose

La Vie en Rose, tattoo on hip

2. minimalist Branches

minimalist branches, tattoo on hip

3. tree leaves

Tree leaves, tattoo on hip

4. Lilis

Lilis, tattoo on hip

5. Roses in black and white

Roses, tattoo on hip

6. motivational Phrase

Phrase, tattoo on hip

7. Sirena

Mermaid tattoo on hip

8. Lotus Flower

Lotus flower tattoo on hip

9. Crescent

Crescent tattoo on hip

10. Quill

Quill, tattoo on hip

11. Rose with thorns

Pink, tattoo on hip

12. Hindu Elephant

Indian elephant tattoo on hip

13. Girl on the moon

Girl on the moon, tattoo on hip

14. Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher tattoo on hip

15. Sunflowers

Sunflowers, tattoo on hip